Galapagos Cruises | Deciphering Galapagos Grandeur: Does Size Matter in Paradise?

Deciphering Galapagos Grandeur: Does Size Matter in Paradise?


"Navigating Galapagos Cruises: Size Matters!"

Galapagos cruises offer an incredible way to explore this natural wonder, but choosing the perfect vessel can be a daunting task. One of the initial decisions to make is between a larger cruise ship or a smaller yacht like the Isabela Yacht. While Galapagos vessels aren't massive like the Caribbean liners, their size can significantly impact your experience. Here's the breakdown to help you decide.

Table of content
  1. Pros Of A Bigger Ship
  2. Stability
  3. More Amenities
  4. Social Opportunities
  5. Small Group Excursions
  6. Pros Of A Smalller Boat
  7. Intimate Experience
  8. Stability
  9. Spacious Cabins
  10. Amenities and Social Areas
  11. Flexible Itinerary
  12. Cons Of A Bigger Ship
  13. Schedule Rigidity
  14. Less Activity Time
  15. Limited Personal Attention
  16. Fewer Options
  17. Cons Of A Smaller Yacht
  18. Less Stability
  19. Fewer Amenities
  20. Possibly Smaller Cabins

Pros Of A Bigger Ship




Larger ships are less prone to rocking, ideal if you're worried about motion sickness.

Isabela II | Galapagos Cruise

More Amenities


These ships boast numerous onboard spaces, including dining areas, spas, boutiques, and more.

Dining Area | Santa Cruz II | Galapagos Cruise

Social Opportunities


With more passengers, you'll have a broader pool of people to meet and interact with.

Small Group Excursions


Even on big ships like the Galapagos Celebrity, they maintain the intimate nature of excursions with small group sizes.

Pros Of A Smalller Boat

Visit the Galapagos on one of our cruise ships

Intimate Experience


Traveling with a small group on a boat fosters genuine connections with fellow passengers and crew.


Catamarans, a popular choice among small vessels, offer exceptional stability on the water.

National Geographic Islander | Catamaran Cruise

Spacious Cabins


Surprisingly, some smaller boats offer more spacious cabins for added comfort.

Amenities and Social Areas


Smaller yachts still provide lounges, dining rooms, sun decks, and sometimes even Jacuzzis.

Dining room | Celebrity Xpedition | Galapagos Cruise

Flexible Itinerary


Smaller cruises like the offer Celebrity Flora Vessel more flexibility in the daily schedule, accommodating specific interests.

Celebrity Flora Vessel | Galapagos Cruise

Cons Of A Bigger Ship


Schedule Rigidity


Managing a larger crowd requires strict adherence to schedules.

Less Activity Time


Time-consuming embarkation and disembarkation may limit time spent on activities.

Limited Personal Attention


Personalized attention from the crew and captain is less extensive on big ships.

Fewer Options


The majority of Galapagos vessels are smaller yachts and motor sailers, so there are fewer big ships, for example the National Geographic Endeavour II to choose from.

National Geographic Endeavour II | Galapagos Cruise

Cons Of A Smaller Yacht


Less Stability


Smaller boats are more vulnerable to ocean currents and rocking.

Fewer Amenities


While essentials are available, smaller yachts may lack amenities like a spa or exercise room.

Spa | National Geographic Endeavour II | Galapagos Cruise

Possibly Smaller Cabins


Some smaller yachts have compact cabins.

Bedroom | Santa Cruz II | Galapagos Cruise

In the end, the choice between a big ship or a small yacht depends on the experience you seek. There's no wrong decision in the Galapagos, so pick what aligns with your desired atmosphere and amenities. Reach out to our team of Galapagos experts to plan your dream voyage!

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