Galapagos | Differences between expedition vessels and small yachts in Galapagos

Differences between expedition vessels and small yachts in Galapagos


Thanks to the islands’ position as one of the most unique natural reserves in the world, habitation is limited to just a few small places on the Galapagos. That means that most Galapagos tours take place on yachts/vessels cruises yachts that have the freedom to sail.

This is preferable for a number of reasons. Firstly, you are limiting your impact on these incredible islands, and secondly, by traveling at night you won’t waste too much time getting around, meaning your scope for exploration is bigger.

However, the choices between land-based and cruise travel don’t end there, with numerous different grades of boat and yacht, your experience on Galapagos can be very different depending on how you travel.

Quality of travel

Economy class cruises offer dorm accommodation and basic amenities. However, they provide a very good price and offer more rough and ready travelers a chance to sample the delights of the islands. Midrange class boats will usually offer private quarters but they will often be small and bathrooms will still be shared.
On the other hand, First class Galapagos tours boats will offer private cabins with en-suite, top quality English speaking guides and better communal facilities. And finally, the top of the range Luxury class yachts & vessels have everything you would expect and more – exquisite food, ample  sun decks, and even Jacuzzi to enjoy.

Size does matter

Larger vessels like the Galapagos Legend, have more room for luxurious facilities. Travel on large expedition cruises and you’ll have a greater choice of food, facilities, and activities. They’ll also be able to take on the occasionally rough seas around the Galapagos with greater ease. Meaning you will be less likely to get seasick.

However, when exploring the islands with a hundred or more fellow travelers, some of the magic can be lost. The smaller, more boutique cruises like Catamaran Petrel might lack some of the facilities, but a more personal and individual touch can be preferable in some Galapagos Islands locations.

Part of the magic of the islands is that they are a place that went undiscovered for so long. There is occasionally something a little incongruous about making your own voyage of discovery with so many other people. But it really comes down to what you are looking for most from Galapagos tours and adventures.

It is also possible to combine luxury and tranquillity – facilities and freedom – by going on luxurious smaller yachts like the Sea Star Journey. This lovely yacht has an exclusive feel and exceptional accommodation for all guests, as well as delicious food and a world-class crew.

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