Nature Encounters | The Galapagos Islands in September

The Galapagos Islands in September


When it’s time to plan your annual vacation, choosing when to go is almost as important as choosing where. Go to Venice in August and it’ll be filled with as many tourists as it is with water. Visit the Emerald Isle of Ireland anytime between October and April and you’ll be lucky if you get a single day without rain. So, it’s not surprising that like most of the world’s best holiday destinations, the Galapagos Islands has some seasons that are more favorable than others. But when should you go? September?

However, we have to point out that due to restrictions on travel and a natural environment unlike any other on the planet, you’ll never be overcrowded and there will always be some incredible natural phenomenon to take your breath away. All that being said, the month of September is a particularly favorable time to visit. Here are a few reasons why.

Holiday season

The two big global holiday periods (which tend to coincide with educational and public holidays) are December to January and July to August. The peak season has usually calmed down by September but a Galapagos Islands vacation will still come with all the exceptional amenities and facilities you would expect. There’ll be no close season holiday feel complete with boarded up attractions here as the Galapagos is a year-round destination.

The weather

Conditions are good in September, with mild temperatures and low rainfall. The water temperature is slightly cooler at this time of year but this comes with a number of benefits. The Humboldt Current brings cooler waters from the Southern Pacific, which is nutrient rich. The marine life is therefore far more active at this time of year. Diving and snorkeling are really great, with playful sea lion pups and dolphin and whale spotting common (especially around Fernandina).

The wildlife

It’s the breeding season for a number of the most famous of the animals in September. Those taking a Galapagos Islands vacation at this time of year will be treated to sea lions, penguins and greater flamingos all breeding, as well as blue-footed boobies, waved albatrosses and frigate birds nesting.

It’s this combination of factors combined with a greater availability and smaller demand for facilities that make September a prime time to visit. Book your Galapagos Islands tour now to enjoy this incredible destination at its very best time of year.

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