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Photo Tips for visitors to the Galapagos Islands


On Charles Darwin’s historic journey to the Galapagos, he wasn’t fortunate enough to have a camera. However, we do have his incredibly evocative descriptions and detailed research to fall back on.
One thing is for sure though, if Darwin had a camera with him, he would have taken some stunning photos!

Here’re a few photo tips to help you get that great picture:

Study the wildlife

That’s because to get the very best photos from any Galapagos Islands location you need to know your wildlife. Knowing facts like:  when they feed, when they sleep, etc… Can really help you to get the very best images of the moment. Observe the animals closely before you start shooting.

Think ahead

Sometimes by learning to predict their movements it is the only way to get the perfect shot; especially if they move fast like the blue-footed boobies diving into the sea.

Try and get as close as permitted, be respectful and remember that there is a two-meter distance rule in al sites within the Galapagos National Park area. For instants, if you’re capturing the marine iguanas on Isla Fernandina, try and “get down” to their level to get the best angle.

Get an new angle

Angling the lens down to your feet restricts the kind of images you can get. If you’re shooting a giant tortoise on Santa Cruz Island, then you should be able to get close enough and the right angle for some stunning front on shots.

Photograph from the water

By booking a trip on one of several Galapagos Cruises that we offer, and with so much marine life, including dolphins, penguins, sting-rays, sharks, sea lions and even humpback-whales to capture while swimming or snorkeling. The Marine Reserve is one of the few places on earth you can always get the perfect picture from underneath the clear waters of the Pacific Ocean.

We will gladly help you arrange an amazing experience on board a cruise like the M/V La Pinta for hundreds of great photo opportunities so Contact Us today.

Andre Robles
Andre Robles
Andre Robles is an expert in everything South America, his passion for the region and exploring off the beaten path makes his travel writing both useful and interesting. He has written for several mainstream publications and you can read his guides on Ecuador, Peru, the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon. Andre is also an accomplished photographer and has been recognized as one of the best wildlife photographers in the region, his photos have been featured in National Geographic and other journals. As a travel agent Andre specializes in curating unique experiences, crafting tailor made itineraries and helping visitors make the best of their vacation, always putting the experience first
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