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What to wear during your Galapagos vacations?


Packing for your Galapagos Islands vacations is as personal an experience as choosing a companion for your trip. Everyone is different, has different needs and is affected by temperature in different ways (to an extent your place of origin might affect your choice of wardrobe). However, there are certain suggestions we can make about what to wear during your Galapagos Islands tour. Here’s your packing list:


So along with your regular supply of underwear, socks and other essentials for any trip, you’ll mostly be wearing shorts and t-shirts during the day. Temperatures do vary throughout the year depending on the season but the scale of variation is smaller than in Europe and parts of the US.

You’ll also need to bring a jumper and light jacket for the evenings as you’ll want to be outside at night for some incredible stargazing and breezes do come in off the ocean. Also, if you’re traveling through Quito then be advised that the altitude means it can get cooler there too.

If your Galapagos Islands vacations are aboard luxury or mid-range vessels, like the Eden yacht, you might want to bring some more formal attire as dressing for dinner can be something of a custom on some cruises. We’re not talking black tie but some comfortable formal wear is a good idea.


Firstly and most importantly is making sure you are protected against the sun. The Galapagos Islands are rarely scorching hot because of the cooler Humboldt Current that affects the climate, but it is still a subtropical destination with plenty of sun. Don’t let the cooler temperatures fool you and make sure you are always covered with plenty of cream.

Some sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat are also recommended for keeping the sun out of your eyes and off your face.


The purpose of most Galapagos Islands vacations is to get ashore and explore the islands and their incredible wildlife. These pristine environments are largely unpopulated, meaning no roads and few footpaths. That means a pair of sturdy trainers or walking boots for covering the bumpier terrain and protecting feet from volcanic material.

Some strong sandals are also ideal for transitioning between boat and beach so that you don’t get shoes wet for the rest of the day.

For the water

A swimming costume and even your own diving gear (this can also be borrowed or hired on most Galapagos Islands vacations) are essential for getting in the water and exploring the incredible marine environment that has made these islands famous.


Andre Robles
Andre Robles
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