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How much should I tip the guide and yacht’s crew?


On this installment of Galapagos maps and FAQ’s, we look at the tricky issue of tipping.

Tipping on holiday is a bit of a minefield, you never know how much you are supposed to give in certain situations, or even when to do it. Because the rules are different in every country and largely unwritten, you are then left in the unenviable position of having to either ask or guess – neither of which is ideal. Galapagos maps might tell you where you are going but they can’t help when it comes to this sticky subject of tips.

The crew and tour guides

The one thing you should know is that tipping is strongly encouraged down in the Galapagos Islands. As you are on a boat with the crew for the whole of your stay while navigating the Galapagos islands, they are very reliant on your generous tips to boost their earnings. It’s how the system works down there, whether that’s how it is back home or not.

The crew and your guides will be working very hard to ensure your stay is very pleasant the whole time you are away. And while they don’t necessarily expect a tip outright, it is very much the done thing.

When is the best time to tip?

The best time for tips is at the end of your cruise. Start tipping for every little convenience and you can soon lose track of what you’ve given and to whom. Tip at the end of your stay and try to make sure the tips are even. It is best to give a lump sum to be divided, although make sure your guide is tipped separately as they will not necessarily be part of the boat’s crew. There may even be a box for tips at reception or on board the boat when checking out.

How much should I tip?

Now for the matter of how much to give. Of course, this is discretionary but most people tend to come up with an amount per day, per person and work it out like this. Depending on the boat you are on this will differ. On a vessel like the Galapagos Legend, you should be looking at between 8$ and $15 per day. So if you and your partner have decided to tip $10 each per day, that will be $20 a day and $140 for a week-long cruise – plus whatever you leave for the guide and barman.

Of course, the whole issue of tipping is subjective and people tend to give more or less depending on how there stay has been. However, when touring the Galapagos islands, we’re sure your stay will be excellent so you best take plenty of cash as you’ll certainly be wanting to tip big time.
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