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Top ten must see attractions on Galapagos


Any holiday to the Galapagos Islands is almost guaranteed to be a trip of a lifetime. Its nature has already taken care of that. There is so much to see and do here that it can be a struggle to fit it all in. However, while all Galapagos tours are different and each visitor takes away individual memories to cherish, there are certain attractions and experiences on Galapagos tours that are not to be missed. Here is a list of the top ten attractions on the Galapagos Islands.


1. Visit Tortuga Bay

Home to one of the islands’ most unique and endemic species, the marine iguana – an animal only found on these few small islands in the Pacific. The bay may be named after the more famous Galapagos tortoises who call the island their home but the current residents are pretty spectacular too.

2. Charles Darwin Research Centre

Named after the man who made the islands famous, and used what he learned here to change science and history, the center is well worth a visit. Located on Santa Cruz Island, the center will give you a detailed and clear understanding of the history of nature and ongoing importance of the islands. Visit Santa Cruz for this informative experience and many other things.

3. Pirate Caves

Floreana is the least developed of the inhabited islands, which is perhaps why pirates chose it as hideout and place to store their ill-gotten gains. Visit the caves of Floreana and imagine what it must have been like to take part in an 18th century game of cat and mouse.

4. Hit the beach at Isabela

Not primarily a beach holiday destination by any stretch but it is almost impossible to ignore the incredibly beautiful beaches on Isabela Island. Lie back and enjoy this serene and majestic place.

5. See the tortoises

Perhaps the islands most famous inhabitants, who are the islands’ endemic species, the unique and ancient Galapagos tortoises have been here to see the islands change. With some reported to be well over a hundred years old, you can only imagine the things they might have seen in their lifetime.

6. Cruise the islands

Most Galapagos tours are by boat, sailing around the archipelago at night and each day revealing a stunning new destination. Soak up every second of this amazing experience.

7. Snorkeling

One of the world’s premier snorkeling destinations, the chance to see whale and hammerhead sharks, playful sea lions and the world’s most northerly penguins is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

8. Hiking

With a chance to explore the world’s second largest caldera on the Sierra Negra volcano, this is a hike you can’t afford to miss.

9. Face-to-face with nature

Thanks to the unique natural history of the islands, much of the wildlife is incredibly friendly, curious and unafraid of humans. Which means there are some incredible up-close experiences with nature to be had. However, there are rules about how close you can get which need to be observed for the animals’ welfare.

10. Wolf and Darwin

Located about 150 miles north of the main archipelago, these two isolated islands are not on most Galapagos tours itineraries. However, this does mean that anyone making the effort to visit is rewarded with some of the most untouched natural environments on earth. Well worth the effort aboard the Buddy Wolf & Darwin.

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