Galapagos | The Galapagos Islands in February or March

The Galapagos Islands in February or March


The best Galapagos Islands to visit make incredible destinations the whole year round. There is no real offseason here but the changing weather and currents do mean that depending on the time of year you go, the landscapes and waters will be very different.

Although the weather does not really dictate a high season, there are definitely larger numbers of people visiting in the months of January and December and from June to August. This is because these are the traditional holiday periods. However, if you are free from these constraints, going at different times of year might be preferable. That’s why visiting in February or March is a good idea.

As well as being fewer crowds in February, there are a number of other reasons why this is a good time to come. The warmer weather, with temperatures averaging in the mid to high twenties, means it is very pleasant then, so conditions are very good.

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