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Galapagos Diving: The best scuba spots


The Galapagos Islands are perhaps most famous for their enormous contribution to natural history. Charles Darwin was inspired and entranced in equal measure by the wildlife he found to write his magnum opus On the Origin of Species. However, today it is the marine life found in the waters around the Galapagos that can really astonish.

It is for this reason that CEDAM International (Conservation, Education, Diving, Awareness and Marine research) has listed the Galapagos Islands as one of the ‘Seven Wonders of the Underwater World’. So, before you go diving the Galapagos Islands waters you should do a little research or you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Liveaboard dive yachts such as the Galapagos Buddy dive fleet are used to get you around the islands, and when it’s underwater action you are looking for, here are the best scuba spots:

Puerto Ayora, Santa Cruz Island

With five separate dive sites to choose from in the bay, all within about twenty minutes of each other by boat, this is definitely a recommended spot for Galapagos Islands diving. They are mostly calm waters, with only a little current, making them ideal for beginners.

It’s possible to see reef fish, sea lions, stingrays, garden eels, turtles and many more in the calmer waters of the bay. It’s even a great spot for a bit of night diving, for the more experienced divers out there.


Located at the southern end of the archipelago, Floreana Island has a number of excellent dive sites to explore. The currents are usually mild, and if they are a little stronger than expected, your guides will simply try one of the other spots nearby.

Check out the local black coral, barracudas, white-tipped reef sharks and hammerheads that are found here. It’s a real top spot for diving Galapagos Islands waters.

North Seymour Island

This small island found just north of Santa Cruz is suitable for divers of all levels. The strong currents can be tricky but the abundance of marine life makes the diving truly world class. Galapagos sharks and large eel colonies make these teeming waters something really special.

Darwin and Wolf

The northernmost islands of the Galapagos, Darwin and Wolf, are found quite a distance away from the main archipelago. It is the sheer remoteness of these small islands that makes them one of the world’s most desirable diving locations.

In fact, the few tourists that ever visit these islands are almost always divers, because of the quality of the experience on offer. Strong currents abound but with stunning marine life, including a chance to see the incredible whale shark, it’s a must for serious divers.

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