Insider Tips | Best accommodation for honeymooners in Galapagos

Best accommodation for honeymooners in Galapagos


What could be more romantic than sitting on the side of a volcano, watching the sunset over one of the most pristine and unique environments on the planet?

In many ways, the Galapagos Islands are an excellent choice as a honeymoon destination. Why battle the crowds for space on the beach in a busy resort, when you can enjoy a honeymoon with a difference – on a vacation that you might never get the chance to enjoy again.

Accommodation options

There are a number of accommodation options on Galapagos luxury travel packages. You can stay in one of the small port towns on the islands, enjoying the excellent hotel service offered and sample delicious food. However, part of the charm of a Galapagos adventure is being able to take in as much of the islands as possible during your stay.

The best and only way to do this is to look for accommodation on a cruise boat. With a range of luxury yachts to choose from, this could really be honeymooning in style. Each day you can watch the sun rise and set from the window of your honeymoon cabin/suite, complete with en-suite facilities and everything else newlyweds might expect from a honeymoon cruise.

Activities and wildlife

After the greatest day of your lives, it can be tempting to just sit back and relax. Don’t worry, there will be plenty of time to do that too – making the most of your boat’s sundeck. However, if you’re the type that enjoys a bit of adventure, then why not hike and explore the islands, or even strap on a snorkel and take in a majestic marine environment?

You also get the chance to meet some of nature’s most charismatic animals, with some of the rarest and most unique plant and animal life found on almost every island in the archipelago.

Then, you can retire to your boat to enjoy some of the freshest seafood you’ll ever taste, all cooked by the ship’s own expert cook. This kind of intimate and personalized service is what honeymoons are supposed to be about.

Spend the night in your luxurious suite and wake up to a completely new horizon, each more jaw-dropping than the last.

Galapagos luxury travel and accommodation is rarely bettered than on board one of a fleet of exceptional yachts offered by tour providers. If you’re looking for a holiday that you’ll never forget after your big day, then Galapagos luxury travel as a honeymoon trip is hard to beat.

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