Galapagos | Visiting a movie set while cruising the Galapagos Islands

Visiting a movie set while cruising the Galapagos Islands


The Galapagos Islands are often thought to be one of the few remaining paradises left on the planet. The remote history, unique wildlife, and unspoiled landscapes are what many people would consider as heaven on earth.

However, it turns out that this point of view is not necessarily a new one. And that as is so often the case, heaven can quickly turn into hell, as this is documented in a new film set for release in April 2014. The Galapagos Affair: Satan came to Eden is billed as ‘Darwin meets Hitchcock’, a fascinating documentary about a 1930s murder mystery that is as unique and alluring as the islands on which it took place.

The true story is documented in great detail and tells of a free-spirited German doctor and his mistress fleeing conventional society in the 1930s for a new life on the Galapagos’ Floreana Island. However, the dream turns to a nightmare as they encounter several other similarly individualistic groups also intent on a new life on a remote island paradise. These included a gun-toting Viennese baroness and her two lovers, as well as several other Swiss Robinsons type settlers.

Bringing the story to life are renowned filmmakers Dayna Goldfine and Dan Geller, who not surprisingly tell the tale using some stunning HD footage of the unique flora and fauna on the islands, along with voice-over contributions from Oscar-winner Cate Blanchett.

The murder plot unravels against the equally enigmatic backdrop of the 30s world of the Galapagos, a place that is even today no stranger itself to a mystery. As anyone who has been on Galapagos cruises can testify, it is easy to see why such a place could engender such strong feelings.

Today Galapagos cruises pass off without grizzly incident but also reveal the stunning beauty of the islands to those on board. Thankfully, few people have permission to live on the islands these days, preserving them for future generations of Galapagos cruises to enjoy.

So, if the islands have always appealed, or you’re interested in cinema, then Galapagos cruises might just have a special interest. Book your trip now on a Galapagos yacht or vessel and you’ll get to tour these incredible islands, including the movie set, all the time wondering how somewhere so beautiful could lead some people to do something so ugly. After all, how often do you get to visit a ready-made movie set?

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