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Tip Top IV

Board the Galapagos Tip Top IV for a wonderful cruise experience in the equally wonderful islands. Constructed in the year 2006, the TipTop IV Yacht with a powerful engine, was especially designed to provide the utmost level of security to all its passengers.

This first-class luxurious yacht was designed keeping in mind the luxury and comfort of its voyagers during their tour on it. This 16-passenger motor yacht is 125 feet long with a cruising speed of 12 knots.

The presence of multilingual naturalist guides ensures that the tour is complete fun with information and knowledge with regards to the rich biodiversity of the islands.

The 16-passengers are accommodated in 10 cabins. Each cabin is fully furnished with air-conditioner and hot water facility. Each cabin has a full bathroom, vanity, and washbasin. Apart from these, the lavish motor boat has bar, dining room, lounge, library with Charles Darwin collection, drawers and lockers. The 8-member crew including the international cook, barman, and waitresses ensure that the experience on the yacht is a once-in-a-lifetime one.

The past guests who have already traveled on this Adventure Cruise Galapagos vouch for its service and comfort.

The facilities on board this expedition yacht are divided into two decks- the upper deck and the lower deck. The lower deck has 6 cabins (1-6) and the upper deck has 4 cabins (7-10). This spacious motorboat has enough space for the voyagers to roam in the public part of the cruise.

The yacht is equipped with the freezer, refrigerator, DVD, VCR, email access, and both types of water systems hot and cold, etc. Apart from that this long and cozy yacht has all the required safety equipment like life jackets and stroke outboard motors. It also boasts of a desktop computer that has an internet access to it. It enables you to rejuvenate your senses while at the same time, connecting you to the rest of the world.

The TipTop IV Yacht goes above and beyond all the minimum requirements for the purpose of environmental protection. It started its operations with a serious commitment to reducing the environmental impact.

This Galapagos first-class yacht provides excellent high standards of service, comfort along with attention towards detailing.

Tip Top IV |  Galapagos Cruises
From $2,865.00
Dining Area
Living Area
Pilot Cabin
Sun Deck

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