Galapagos | Exploring the Enchanting Las Tintoreras Islet in the Galapagos Islands

Exploring the Enchanting Las Tintoreras Islet in the Galapagos Islands


Are you considering a journey to the awe-inspiring Galapagos Islands? If so, don't overlook Las Tintoreras, a relatively petite yet immensely captivating national park site on Isabela Island. Famed for its nursing whit etip reef sharks and thriving marine iguana population, Las Tintoreras offers a plethora of Galapagos wildlife encounters. This destination is a paradise for nature enthusiasts, offering an array of activities, from scenic treks to snorkeling and kayaking.

Las Tintoreras is remarkably easy to visit once you understand the ropes, and it won't strain your budget either. Keep reading for an in-depth guide to planning your perfect las tintoreras adventure.

Table of content
  1. Where to Find Las Tintoreras in the Galapagos?
  2. Las Tintoreras Tours and Activities
  3. Things to Do at Las Tintoreras Galapagos
  4. Las Tintoreras Hiking
  5. Las Tintoreras Snorkeling
  6. Las Tintoreras Kayak Tour
  7. Practical Tips for Visiting Las Tintoreras Galapagos

Where to Find Las Tintoreras in the Galapagos?


Situated just a 10-minute boat ride from Puerto Villamil on Isabela Island, Las Tintoreras forms a network of small black lava islets. Spanning a mere 900 meters in length and 100 meters in width, it might be diminutive in Galapagos terms, but it's a treasure trove of natural wonders. Visitors will discover secluded coves with white sandy beaches and tranquil turquoise waters. The lush mangroves, adorned with red, white, and button species, add a vibrant touch to the landscape.

Puerto Villamil | Isabela Island | Galapagos
Photo: Canva - SL_Photography

Las Tintoreras Tours and Activities


How can you explore Las Tintoreras? As an official Galapagos National Park visitor site, Las Tintoreras mandates guided tours for conservation and safety reasons. The good news is that these tours are concise and budget-friendly when you opt for group excursions. Here are the various ways to experience Las Tintoreras:

  • Las Tintoreras Standard Tour: Departing daily in the early morning and early afternoon, this tour spans about 3 hours. It commences with wildlife observation along the bay, followed by a leisurely walk along a flat and straightforward trail through the black lava to the Tintoreras channel. The tour also includes a snorkeling opportunity nearby and provides an English-speaking naturalist guide, return boat transportation, and snorkeling gear (fins, tube, and mask).
  • Incorporate Las Tintoreras into Your Island Hopping Tour: If you're planning an islandhopping adventure, you can easily include Las Tintoreras in your land tour itinerary. Coordination with your tour provider will ensure a seamless experience.
  • Check Your Galapagos Cruise Itinerary: Many Galapagos cruise itineraries include stops at Las Tintoreras. Make sure to review your yacht's schedule before booking to avoid any disappointments.
  • Las Tintoreras Kayak Tour: For a fantastic alternative, consider exploring the crystalline waters by kayak. While this option may be a bit more costly and requires pre-booking since daily departures are not guaranteed, it offers a unique perspective of Las Tintoreras.

Things to Do at Las Tintoreras Galapagos


 Las Tintoreras offers an abundance of opportunities to observe Galapagos wildlife:

  • Whitetip Reef Sharks: The islet is renowned for the whitetip reef sharks that bask in the shallow waters. During low tide, these graceful sharks are temporarily trapped in the lava crevasse's channel and surrounding pools, providing visitors with close-up encounters.
  • Marine Iguanas: As the only iguana species worldwide capable of swimming, marine iguanas have adapted to life in the Galapagos Islands. The Tintoreras hiking trail passes through a large marine iguana colony, allowing visitors to observe them huddled together for warmth, exhibiting the curious behavior of expelling salt through their nostrils. During the nesting season (January to March), you may even witness them laying their eggs in the sand near the visitor trail.
  • Sea Lions: Noisy and charismatic sea lions are sure to entertain visitors. Whether swimming in the sea or lounging on the inviting white sand beach, these creatures are always a crowdpleaser.
  • Sally Lightfoot Crabs: Their vibrant colors create a striking contrast against the jet-black lava rocks.
  • Lava Herons: Perfectly camouflaged, these herons remain motionless while hunting for fish.
  • Birdwatching: Don't forget to look to the skies, where frigate birds and blue-footed boobies gracefully glide, scanning for their next meal.
  • Galapagos Penguins: You might be lucky enough to spot a small group of Galapagos penguins, creating an incredible photo opportunity.
Blue footed booby | Las Tintoreras | Isabela Island | Galapagos
Photo: Canva - Erica Ruth Neubauer

Las Tintoreras Hiking


The best way to immerse yourself in the Galapagos wildlife is by taking a trek at Las Tintoreras. The circular trail is short, measuring just 1.4 kilometers and featuring flat terrain. This sandy path winds through a field of black aa lava, offering visitors a chance to observe the island's most significant marine iguana colony.

Marine iguana | Las Tintoreras | Isabela Island | Galapagos
Photo: Albina Kosenko

Las Tintoreras Snorkeling


Las Tintoreras provides several snorkeling areas, and the choice typically depends on the local conditions of the day. Expect clear waters and excellent underwater visibility. While snorkeling, you can anticipate encounters with playful sea lions, marine iguanas feeding underwater, whitetip reef sharks on the sandy seafloor, colorful reef fish among the rocks and corals, and the graceful drift of sea turtles in the bay.

Sharks in Las Tintoreras | Isabela Island | Galapagos
Photo: Canva - 877Mirella877

Las Tintoreras Kayak Tour


For a unique experience, consider a kayak tour. Paddling silently allows you to get closer to wildlife both above and below the water's surface. Kayaking also enables you to explore a broader range of hidden coves on Las Tintoreras.

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Practical Tips for Visiting Las Tintoreras Galapagos

  • Las Tintoreras is suitable for swimmers and snorkelers of all levels, with typically mild currents. However, always consider local conditions and follow your guide's advice.
  • Essential items to bring include trekking or water-friendly sandals, swimwear, a towel, a change of clothes, a light jacket, sun protection (sunglasses, hat, sunblock), a water bottle, and underwater camera or cellphone for capturing the moments. Don't forget mosquito repellent.
  • Be cautious while walking the sharp aa lava trail. Lava cuts can be painful and require immediate medical attention to prevent infection.
  • Stay on the designated trail, as Las Tintoreras serves as a significant marine iguana breeding site. Be mindful not to inadvertently destroy any nests. Always heed your guide's instructions.

In conclusion, Las Tintoreras Galapagos is a delightful visitor site offering something for everyone to enjoy. It's one of the few places in the world where you can observe whitetip reef sharks up close without getting your feet wet. Additionally, it hosts one of the largest marine iguana colonies in the archipelago. When planning your visit to Isabela Island in the Galapagos, Las Tintoreras should undoubtedly be on your itinerary.

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