Galapagos | Best things to see on Galapagos cruises in March

Best things to see on Galapagos cruises in March


The Galapagos Islands are unlike other holiday destinations in so many ways. The word ‘unique’ is often overused these days but in the case of the Galapagos, it is completely appropriate.

As well as the extraordinary natural environment and wildlifeGalapagos cruises differ from traditional holiday destinations in that there is no real ‘offseason’. There may be times of the year that are slightly busier than others but this is more as a result of the confines of holiday time within the world of work, rather than anything to do with a downturn in the magical natural world of the Galapagos.

So, as one of the traditionally busier periods over December and January comes to an end (the Christmas and New Year holiday rush) we head into February and March when conditions, although different to other times of the year, are still magnificent.

Galapagos cruises in March are characterized by warmer air and water temperatures. It is nearing the end of the rainy season, which usually peaks in December/January, but don’t let that put you off, as it is also the time of year when you get the sunniest skies and calmest seas.

Calm seas are important as this equals clearer water, and clearer water means better opportunities for snorkeling and diving. The marine life around the Galapagos Islands is simply spectacular but at some choppier times of year it can be more challenging to dive and visibility is decreased. On Galapagos cruises on calm March days, you are treated to almost aquarium-like conditions under the water.

As a point where oceans converge, bringing together warm waters from the equatorial region with cooler waters from the south (a factor responsible for creating the Humboldt Current), marine life is incredibly mixed. Home to the world’s only marine iguana, the most northerly penguins, and species such as manta rays, hammerhead sharks and whale species, this is an underwater opportunity like no other. And March is the best time to see it all.

March also coincides with the breeding season for many of the islands’ most notorious inhabitants, including sea turtles and sea lions. Meaning March Galapagos cruises are often treated to the sight of adorable newborns. Much of the plant life also burst into life around this time too, with many blossoming flowers contributing to the overwhelming sense of rebirth and excitement around the islands.

March cruises aboard Galapagos luxury yachts can be said to be truly unique. And trust us, that really is the only word for it.

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