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From the giant tortoises that give the islands their name, to the pink flamingos, blue-footed boobies and Darwin finches that call the archipelago home, La Pinta yacht gives passengers the chance for close-up encounters with many of the local inhabitants. A unique boat, named after the island that saw the birth of the famous tortoise Lonesome George. 

The ship itself is fitted out to the highest standards, with spacious cabins, an elegantly finished interior and plenty of room for guests to relax and socialise both inside and out.

While cruising between islands, passengers on board the Galapagos La Pinta will be able to learn all about the natural habitat of the islands and their extraordinary history.

Every day will bring new discoveries, with each island offering something truly unique to the visitor. During your cruise there will be plenty of opportunities for snorkelling, swimming, whale and dolphin watching, as well as simply relaxing and enjoying the views. And at the end of a long day filled with adventure, passengers can enjoy watching the sunset from the observation deck, take a stroll along the sundeck or enjoy a delicious evening cocktail in La Pinta’s very own bar.

In 2021 La Pinta is one of the first larger expedition boats to restart operations with guaranteed departures offering 3, 4 and 7 night itineraries. The passion and resilience from Mr. Roque Sevilla the president at Grupo Futuro (the owners of the yacht) can be resumed in the conversation he had with us back in September 2020 when Galapagos was reopenning amidsta a pandemic shaken world, it is hard to forget the sentence: "Galapagos needs to reactivate and if we have to depart with 2 guests, we will! ". La Pinta restarted its operation again with only 6 guests leading with example for the rest of the boat operators to take the risk and start fueling the tourism dependant Galapagos economy once again. 

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