Antarctica & Falklands - From Punta Arenas to Buenos Aires

Antarctica & Falklands - From Punta Arenas to Buenos Aires | MS Fram | Antarctica Tours Antarctica & Falklands - From Punta Arenas to Buenos Aires | MS Fram | Antarctica Tours
Embark on an extraordinary 24-day expedition aboard the MS Fram, departing from Santiago and traversing the legendary Drake Passage en route to Antarctica's pristine landscapes. Encounter awe-inspiring glaciers, playful penguins, and graceful whales as you explore this remote wilderness. Discover the Falkland Islands' diverse bird species and immerse yourself in the natural beauty of Puerto Madryn's beaches. As you journey back to Buenos Aires, take time to reflect on the unforgettable adventures and remarkable sights experienced aboard the MS Fram.

24 Day Antarctica Itinerary

Day 1: Santiago de Chile

Explore Santiago, the vibrant heart of Chile. Embark on your expedition cruise amidst its historic charm, acclaimed dining spots, and captivating cultural institutions. From the iconic Mercado Central to the Plaza de Armas and the Presidential Palace, the city boasts a plethora of attractions. Don't miss the Sky Costanera, providing sweeping vistas of Santiago from towering heights.

With a myriad of sights awaiting exploration, we suggest arriving a few days ahead to partake in one of the optional Pre-Programs and delve deeper into the city's allure.

Day 2: Punta Arenas

Today will begin early as we leave Santiago and head to Punta Arenas, Chile's southernmost harbor, where your expedition vessel awaits. Upon boarding, take the opportunity to settle in, familiarize yourself with the ship, and meet your Expedition Team.

In addition to serving as your guides, hosts, and knowledgeable locals, they will also accompany you throughout the next three weeks. This amiable and inclusive team will be available to address any inquiries you might have as you embark on your journey through Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, and Puerto Madryn.

Day 3 & 4: At Sea

During the two-day journey across the Drake Passage, the Expedition Team will ensure you're fully equipped to maximize your expedition cruise experience.

Explore the onboard Science Center to gain insights into what awaits you ahead. Engage with passionate experts discussing Antarctica's history, the scientific discoveries beneath the ice, and the implications of climate change and plastic pollution. Learn about strategies to ensure your visit is both safe and environmentally responsible, and explore opportunities to participate in Citizen Science projects.

With ample leisure time available, take advantage of relaxation opportunities such as the hot tub and panoramic sauna. Indulge in delectable cuisine and mingle with fellow travelers at the Explorer Lounge & Bar.

Day 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 & 14: Antarctica

Antarctica's awe-inspiring beauty defies description. Encircled by towering glaciers and colossal icebergs reminiscent of cathedrals, the continent is a spectacle that evokes profound wonder.

Amidst this frozen realm, witness colonies of penguins congregating on ice floes to evade the stealthy leopard seals lurking nearby. Majestic whales gracefully navigate alongside massive ice formations, feasting on krill, while avid birdwatchers can delight in spotting the diverse array of Antarctic seabirds, including skuas, cormorants, petrels, and terns.

As we approach the end of the Antarctic summer upon the arrival, anticipate being treated to enchanting sunsets casting a surreal glow upon the landscapes. This period also offers prime opportunities to observe penguins completing their molting process and witness an abundance of whales drawn by the plentiful krill.

In this pristine wilderness, nature reigns supreme, with us merely serving as humble witnesses. The seasoned Captain will meticulously assess conditions to craft the optimal itinerary for your adventure. Over the course of ten exhilarating days, we'll embark on numerous landings and ice-cruising expeditions across the South Shetland Islands and the Antarctic Peninsula, guided by the ever-changing conditions to ensure unforgettable experiences.

From landing excursions to ice-cruising ventures, and perhaps even kayaking amidst the icebergs, each day promises thrills unlike any other. Meanwhile, the Expedition Team will enrich your understanding with insightful lectures, providing deeper insights into this frozen continent.

Day 15 & 16: At sea, Scotia Sea

As you relish your Antarctic escapades, anticipate further excitement on the journey towards the Falkland Islands. Your Expedition Team will provide detailed briefings on the islands' history and biology. Delve into the Science Center, where you can peer through microscopes to observe the minuscule krill and phytoplankton vital to the region's diverse wildlife.

Take full advantage of the ship's amenities and glean photography tips from the skilled photographer. Additionally, engage in workshops covering a range of topics, including wildlife painting and mastering nautical knot tying.

Day 17, 18 & 19: Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands boast expansive vistas with endless horizons and pristine white sand beaches bustling with avian activity. Sparse farms sporadically punctuate the scenery, while grassy knolls adorned with wildflowers offer a striking contrast to Antarctica's vast expanse of ice.

Embark on a community stroll around Stanley, soaking in the charm of Jubilee Villas gardens, Christ Church Cathedral, and the captivating exhibits of the Historic Dockyard Museum.

As always, the landings, hikes, and excursions are contingent upon prevailing weather conditions. We aim to explore albatross and penguin colonies, with seals often sighted nearby, ensuring minimal disruption to their natural habitat.

Day 20: At Sea

Indulge in a leisurely day at sea as we make the way towards Puerto Madryn. After the myriad unforgettable encounters in Antarctica and the Falklands, your thoughts will be brimming with cherished memories and newfound insights.

Engage with the Expedition Team in the Science Center for deeper dives into specific interests. Whether it's honing your photography skills or simply unwinding on deck, take this opportunity to reminisce about the highlights of an extraordinary journey.

Conclude the day with a refreshing beverage in the convivial ambiance of the Explorer Lounge & Bar, surrounded by the camaraderie of newfound friends from your voyage.

Day 21: Puerto Madryn

Puerto Madryn offers balmy weather and picturesque coastlines, serving as the entry point to the breathtaking Valdés Peninsula. During our stay, you'll have the opportunity to delve into a remarkable nature reserve and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Keep an eye out for marine mammals, as well as the impressive array of 180 bird species inhabiting the peninsula. Don't forget your binoculars for optimal birdwatching experiences. Take leisurely walks amidst the serene natural landscapes of the reserve, relish in delectable local cuisine, and peruse charming arts and crafts boutiques for souvenirs.

Day 22 & 23: At Sea

As we embark on the last stretch from Puerto Madryn to Buenos Aires, cherish your final day at sea.

It's an ideal moment to review your photos and reminisce about your adventures in Antarctica, the Falkland Islands, and Puerto Madryn. Take advantage of the onboard amenities one last time. Indulge in the soothing hot tubs or panoramic sauna, or simply unwind in the inviting ambiance of the Explorer Lounge & Bar. Join the Expedition Team in the Science Center for further exploration and the opportunity to contribute to Citizen Science projects.

Day 24: Buenos Aires

Your expedition cruise to Antarctica, the Falkland Islands and Puerto Madryn comes to an end in Buenos Aires.

Home to a proud and diverse community of ‘porteños’, or ‘people of the port’, Buenos Aires is a sensuous fusion of faded European splendor and Latin American panache. If you have time before your onward journey, enjoy exploring this vibrant city.

And if you’re not ready to end your adventure just yet, we recommend joining one of the optional Post-Programs.

Itinerary Map

Antarctica & Falklands - From Punta Arenas to Buenos Aires

24 Day Antarctica Itinerary Includes

  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day
  • Delicious coffee, tea and soft drinks all-day
  • All-inclusive drinks
  • Sauna, hot tubs and more
  • Gratuities included
  • Daily expeditions and activities
  • Full access to Science Centre​
  • Expedition gear and water bottle – yours to take home
  • Wi-Fi at no extra cost
  • Photos and digital album

24 Day Antarctica Itinerary Does not Include

  • Some specialist excursions and experiences with limited capacity​
  • Fine dining in at Lindstrøm restaurant​
  • Personal spa treatments​
  • Premium drinks (top shelf spirits, vintage wines, champagne, etc.)​

24 Day Antarctica Itinerary Highlights

  • Encounter penguins, whales, and other mesmerizing creatures in their natural habitat.
  • Get up close to towering glaciers and icebergs, experiencing the majesty of Antarctica's icy landscapes.
  • Discover diverse bird species, including albatrosses and penguins, amidst the Falkland Islands' scenic beauty.
  • Explore serene beaches and reserves, immersing yourself in Puerto Madryn's coastal charm.
  • Brave the legendary waters, enjoying onboard activities while crossing to and from Antarctica.

Meals Included

  • Breakfast Served Daily
  • 23 Dinners
  • 24 Lunches
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24 Day Antarctica cruise activities

Sea Kayaking
Under full instruction from your sea kayaking guide, experience true tranquillity as you paddle through clinking ice floes and realise the enormity of the surrounding scenery. Look out for breaching whales, lounging seals and penguins zipping alongside your kayak. Some experience is required.
Ice Camping
Camp out on the ice and experience the silence which blankets the continent by night. This is your chance to completely connect with this ethereal ice world – wrap up warm and embrace the Antarctic elements.
Get a spring in your step when you slip on a pair of snowshoes in Antarctica. Enabling you to easily scale gentle slopes, this unique activity allows you to access hard to reach places and seek out the most impressive views.
Learn to capture wildlife and landscape shots in a small group photography program, including critiquing sessions and editing classes. Plus, Explorer Boat excursions with a dedicated photography expert on landings.
Explorer Boats
Achieve the best views and photographs from a forward facing Explorer Boats. They allow you to sit comfortably and securely while crackling through the ice-strewn waters. Look out for wildlife such as penguins, seals and whales as you cruise.
It doesn’t get more serene than complimentary yoga classes to the tune of glacial scenery. Join the most unique exercise setting in the world after a day of exploration. Classes are regular but are dependent on weather conditions and swell.
Antarctica & Falklands - From Punta Arenas to Buenos Aires
24 Days

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