Health and Safety Recommendations

Traveling to Argentina: Health and Safety Recommendations

Health Advisory

Before traveling to any destination, stay informed about the health advisory situation. Refer to the official: Health Considerations for Travel to Argentina page for the latest advice on traveling here

Do I need a travel health risk assessment?

Beyond vaccinations, it might be a good idea to take the following precautions into account in areas such as:

  • Food and water safety
  • Accident prevention
  • Sun safety
  • Avoiding insect bites
  • Preventing and treating animal bites
  • Respiratory hygiene
  • Hand hygiene


Review the Vaccination section to determine if you need specific vaccines before traveling to Argentina. Schedule an appointment with a travel health professional to discuss your vaccination needs.

Important Health Considerations

Travel Insurance: Ensure you have comprehensive travel insurance covering healthcare in Argentina.

Medicines: If you normally need medicines or wish to travel with medicines to Argentina, make sure you have the respective prescriptions in hand in case necessary to present them to regulatory authorities when entering the country. 

Check for any restrictions on traveling with medicines to Argentina. Know how to access healthcare in Argentina using the GOV.UK English Speaking Doctors and Medical Facilities in Argentina. For more official information click here.


Confirm that your primary courses and boosters are up to date. While none are usually advised, consider vaccines for Diphtheria, Hepatitis A, Rabies, Tetanus, and Yellow Fever based on individual risk factors.

Diphtheria: Spread person to person, with higher risk in poor, overcrowded conditions.

Hepatitis A: Spread through contaminated food and water or person to person in poor hygiene conditions.

Hepatitis B: Spread through infected blood and sexual intercourse.

Rabies: Spread through the saliva of infected animals, requiring urgent medical attention.

Tetanus: Spread through contaminated cuts, with recommended boosters.

Yellow Fever: Spread by infected mosquitoes, particularly in rural areas.

Malaria: Malaria is not typically present unless contracted abroad, but specific risks should be discussed for travel to Argentina.

Zika: Argentina has a risk of Zika (ZIKV) virus transmission through mosquito bites. 

Other important considerations

Altitude and Travel

Be cautious in areas with high or very high altitudes in Argentina, minimizing risks associated with Acute Mountain Sickness.

Pre-Travel Preparation:

  • Health Check & Vaccinations:

Ensure routine vaccinations are up-to-date for a healthy trip.

  • Travel Insurance Magic:

Keep copies of essential documents and emergency contacts.

  • Passport, Currency, and Tango Moves:

Ensure your passport is valid for at least six months.

Inform your bank of travel dates and carry a mix of pesos and cards.

  • Emergency Kit Tango:

Share your travel itinerary with a friend or family member.