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Discover the essence of Colombia on a 10-day trip packed with exciting adventures. From modern Medellín to the enchanting coffee region and historic Cartagena, you'll explore the best of the country. Then, immerse yourself in the unspoiled wilderness of Tayrona National Park - get ready for an unforgettable experience in Colombia!

10 Day Colombia Itinerary

Day 1: Welcome to Medellin

Medellin welcomes your visit!

When you arrive at the airport please complete the immigration process, retrieve your luggage, remove costumes, and then exit the arrivals hall. You will find your guide outside holding a sign with the name of your hotel. You will reach your hotel after a 45 minute transfer (in normal traffic).

PM - Medellin – Walking Tour in el Poblado & Tejo.

We invite you today to spend 3 hours walking through "El Poblado", the neighborhood of the city with your guide. El Poblado, the modernest neighborhood of the city, reflects the rapid growth that has occurred in the last few years. 

You will end the tour by heading to the "tejo field". It is an ancient pre-Hispanic sport that involves hitting metal rings, called "bocin", with a "tejo" at a distance of 22mts. The game is made more thrilling by the inclusion of gunpowder in small triangular packets, called "mechas".

Overnight at El Cielo Hotel or similar

Day 2: Medellin

AM - Medellin - Exploring Medellin (8 hours) + meeting with a graffiti specialist in Comuna 13

Medellin, the city of eternal spring is today the most innovative Latin American city. In the recent past, it was closely linked to Pablo Escobar's life and violent gang wars.

Medellin has undergone some dramatic changes in the past twenty years. Medellin was transformed from being the world's most dangerous city into an urban example of transformation through an innovative development program. 

You will visit the Botero Square today to see an exhibit of sculptures by Colombian artist Fernando Botero. His work has become synonymous with the city. 

Afternoon, you can take the Metro Cable to comuna 13 which was once notorious for gang-related violence. Cable cars were built to connect people living in the suburbs of Medellin with Metro medellin. The unique Electric Escalators give visitors an insight into the daily lives of people living in this district. Graffittis tells the stories of the inhabitants.

Overnight at El Cielo Hotel or similar

Day 3: Welcome to the Coffee Region

AM - Medellin - Departure transport arranged with a Spanish-speaking driver (no guide) to Enrique Olaya Herrera Airport (EOH).

You will be picked up by your driver at the hotel and transferred to the airport in 15 minutes (subject to normal traffic conditions) so that you can check-in for your flight.

Departure from Medellin and arriving in Armenia.

Please note the following:

Easyfly operates as a local carrier.
The luggage limit per person is 15kg (33lb). This includes 5 kg of hand luggage.
You can pay for extra kilos at the airport when you check-in.
Costs can be associated with refunds, changes and cancellations

PM - Coffee Region - Armenia - Arrival transport with a meet & greet service.


Overnight at Hacienda Bambusa or similar

Day 4: Pijao / Coffee Region

AM - Coffee Region - Exploring Pijao

Pijao, a tiny town located in the Andes mountains range is an interesting place. It's the tales of its residents that give this place its magic. A local guide takes you on a Pijao tour to meet Don Leo, who is a coffee farmer from the region. He will give you a history lesson about his life, and tell you where the coffee comes from. 

Pijao houses are an important part of this tour. They hide beautiful gardens with hydrangeas. Enjoy a warm drink and a chat in a local home while enjoying the aromas of the plants growing there. 

You will discover that coffee is a central part of the culture in Colombia. 

You can enjoy the Pijao plantations after sharing your experiences with the wonderful Colombian people.

Overnight at Hacienda Bambusa or similar

Day 5: Welcome to Cartagena

AM - Zona Cafetera - Cacao Tour (2 hours)

Hacienda Bambusa is a bamboo-style house in the Colombian Coffee Region.

Here you can relax and enjoy nature in a peaceful environment. The hotel guide will take you on a hike around the property, circling the large cocoa plantation. You can also visit the nursery, where the vibrant yellow, orange, and red shades of cocoa trees will charm you. Discover the hand-made fermentation and drying process that turns the cacao beans into exportable cocoa and begins the transformation to chocolate. 

You will find amazing banana plantations, as well as a bamboo forest that invites you to relax and get lost in its shade.

Zona Cafetera - Horseback Riding at La Maria Natural Reserve (including lunch)

Horse riding in a nature preserve near Hacienda Bambusa will make you feel like a local cowboy. A professional rider guides you along beautiful landscapes through an extensive forest of native trees, pineapple crops, streams and cattle. The experience is full of funny moments in the calm and lush landscapes.

A rustic al fresco lunch is included at the conclusion of your activity. 

Transfer to Hacienda Bambusa (approximately 25 minutes each way).

PM - Zona Cafetera - Pereira - Departure transport arranged

You will be picked up by your driver in Spanish at the hotel to make your 2-hour transfer to airport. Thank you for visiting us.

Departure from Pereira and arriving in Cartagena.

Cartagena - Meet & greet at Cartagena airport by a guide and transfer to the old town (approximately 15 minutes).

Cartagena de Indias welcomes your visit!

Please collect your baggage and proceed to the arrivals hall when you arrive at the airport. You will find your guide outside holding a sign with the name of your hotel. You will reach your hotel after a transfer of 15 minutes (for normal traffic).

Overnight at Casa San Agustin or similar

Day 6: Cartagena

AM - Cartagena - Exploring the Hidden Gems of Getsemaní (3 hours)

Getsemani is one of the most trendy neighborhoods in the city. Cartagena was the birthplace of the Independence Revolution, which turned it into Gran Colombia's first city free. This tour lasts 3 hours. The guide will tell you how the neighborhood was able to become one of "the coolest neighbourhoods in the world".

This tour will give you the chance to meet the locals up close. Luis will give you an introduction to the culture of this community and show you around his home. Discover the different Cartageneros who live in Getsemani. You will be amazed by their work in their home.

PM - Cartagena - Classic Walking Tour of the Walled City followed by sunset drinks at Café del Mar (3 hours)

The tour allows you to explore the historic centre of Cartagena within the walled city, which was declared Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO in 1984. We will show you colorful streets and colonial architecture in the historic walled city. The most popular attractions will be seen, including the Clock Tower, Parque de Bolivar and Plaza de San Pedro Claver. You'll also see the Santo Domingo, San Diego, Plaza Fernandez Madrid as well as other important places. Cartagena was founded by the guide, who will also share legends about pirates in each corner and other interesting information.

After the tour, relax with a cocktail at the Cafe del Mar Restaurant and watch the sun set. This is a restaurant bar on the Bastion Santo Domingo, with an amazing view of the Caribbean. There's also live music. The tour will last approximately three hours. Your guide will pay close attention to all your questions, concerns, and interests to ensure that you have a pleasant time.

Overnight at Casa San Agustin or similar

Day 7: Welcome to Tayrona

AM - Cartagena - Transfer to Santa Marta

Overnight at Senda Watapuy or similar

Day 8: Tayrona National Park

AM - Santa Marta - Visit to the Katanzama Indigenous Community followed by a 1-hour hike and tubing on the Don Diego River.

In Colombia, the "Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta", is one of few places where there are indigenous peoples still present. Katanzama, for example, is among them. We reach the community by hiking after a short journey. We learn about the Arhuacos' customs and cooking, and visit their houses. You will be able to ask any questions you want during this period. Remember that at first they will probably be shy, and your aim is to help them break the ice so you can build mutual trust.

This visit continues with the view of the ocean and a picnic where we will learn how to make traditional backpacks.

You can also ask for voluntary donations, such as school supplies, toiletries or work tools like shovels, machetes, axes and axes.

Overnight at Senda Watapuy or similar

Day 9: Tayrona National Park

AM - Santa Marta - Trekking adventure to La Danta

The village of Gauachaca, located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta foothills, offers a wide variety of natural beauty. It is known for both its beach and river. We leave our hotel and head towards the Guachaca river, with a guide, to trek up the Danta falls, named by locals after the animals of the same name which were once seen here. The 3km trail along the river is pleasant, as you can hear the sounds of nature and see banana plantations. You will also pass streams and enjoy the beautiful scenery. We will also take a dip at the base of the waterfall. Rest and enjoy local snacks and fruits. We will then return to our starting point and return to your hotel. The point where we return to our Hotel.

Lenght: 5 hours

Overnight at Senda Watapuy or similar

Day 10: Tayrona National Park

Santa Marta - Departure transfer from Santa Marta.

You will be picked up by your driver in Spanish at the hotel to make your transfer of 1 hour from there to the airport. We look forward to seeing you here again.

End of services

10 Day Colombia Itinerary Includes

  • Senior travel planner with experience in the planning of trips.
  • Choose from a selection of hand-picked guides. Reservations for restaurants are available on demand.
  • Prepare detailed travel documents
  • Hotel rooms with breakfast included in the price.
  • Included in the itinerary are meals as specified (drinks, however, may not be included).
  • Tickets for places you visit (museums etc.). Taxes, if applicable.
  • Private transfers and tours for all destinations are available.
  • The 24/7 Emergency Cell Phone is staffed by English speaking staff.
  • Coordination permanente. Monitor domestic flights, and use of web check-in the day prior to each flight.

10 Day Colombia Itinerary Does not Include

  • Personal expenses.
  • Tips.
  • Personal insurance.
  • Visa expenses.
  • Flights to international destinations

10 Day Colombia Itinerary Highlights

  • Explore Botero Plaza and take the Metro Cable to Comuna 13, witnessing the impact of urban projects and street art.
  • Unveil the soul of Cartagena in Getsemaní: where revolution was born and culture thrives.
  • Explore the modern neighborhood of El Poblado and experience the traditional game of Tejo.
  • Delve into the world of cacao at Hacienda Bambusa, learning about its cultivation and processing.
  • Immerse yourself in the coffee culture of Colombia by visiting a local coffee farm in Pijao.

Meals Included

  • Breakfast Served Daily
  • 9 Dinners
  • 10 Lunches
Coffe Experience | The Coffe Region | Colombia
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Discover Colombia: Urban Marvels to Natural Wonders
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