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Camila Galapagos Cruise

Luxury Class Catamaran

There is not a better way to feel safe and comfortable, than on a new ship. Be prepared to have up-close encounters with blue-footed boobies, iguanas, giant tortoises, whales and more. The latest ship builds in Galapagos, the Camila offers a luxury experience in these magical islands. The Camila is elegant, swift and silent at sea, what is perfect to enjoy your holidays. Camila has a motorized trimaran and has spacious cabins, a comfortable lounge, and Jacuzzi. On the Camila, the guides always emphasize the remarkable Natural History of Galapagos, also, they are focused on biology and ecology in addition to having excellent language skills and client reviews.

 16 passengers
Ample Staterooms with Balcony
Luxurious Design
Specialized Naturalist Guide
Ample Social Areas & Jacuzzi
Trimaran: Very stable sailing


  • 16 passengers
  • Specialized Naturalist Guide
  • Ample Staterooms with Balcony
  • Ample Social Areas & Jacuzzi
  • Luxurious Design
  • Trimaran: Very stable sailing

Camila Cruise Information

1. Itinerary A  

2. Itinerary B  ▼

3. Itinerary C  ▼

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Camila Galapagos Cruise | Itinerary A

Itinerary A
4 days – 3 nights

Day  1 Arrival to San Cristobal Airport – Lobos Island
Day  2 San Cristobal – Pitt Point & Witch Hil
Day  3 Española – Suarez Point & Gardner Bay / Osborn Islet
Day  4 Santa Cruz – Bachas Beach & Transfer out
Day 1: Arrival to San Cristobal & – Lobos Island/Kicker Rock
Kicker Rock Galapagos Islands

Once you arrive, the guide and crew will greet you and show you to your accommodations upon your arrival. Afterwards,…

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…the guide and cruise manager will hold a short briefing on all safety and emergency protocols, different areas of the vessel and the normal routine of the itinerary.

Lobos Island is aptly named after the many sea lions that reside here resting and playing along the rocky shores. It is also home to many different birds like pelicans, frigate birds and their nests, yellow warblers and more. Within the small channel the waters are very clear, making it easy to find sea turtles, sea lions, stingrays and perhaps even white-tipped sharks.

Day 2: San Cristobal – Pitt Point & Witch Hill
Punta Pitt Galapagos Islands

When arriving to Pitt Point, it will feel almost like you’ve landed on an extraterrestrial planet. You can see the many different…

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…developments over time of how volcanic activity formed this island. A hike up to the top beholds amazing views of the surrounding waters. Watch out for blue-footed boobie nests on the ground and keep an eye out for the red-footed boobies nesting in the trees once you reach the top of the island.

Passing by on a panga your guide and crew will show you amazing rock formations formed by the passing of time and erosion of the sea. You’ll finally arrive to a beautiful white sandy beach to spend the time swimming or basking in the sun. Frolic with sea lions who may swim by playfully or take a walk down the entire beach and back

Day 3:  Española – Suarez Point & – Gardner Bay / Osborn Islet
Gardner Bay | Española Island | Galapagos

This is the only nesting site in Galapagos where the Waved Albatross nests. They come back only once a year to meet the same…

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…mate, year after year. They spend the rest of the year at sea. Apart from these amazing birds are the Galapagos Hawks that can be seen and the amazing formations and blow hole on the other side of the island, reached by a hike.

Gardner Bay is an excellent place to see sea lions lounging on the beach while mockingbirds get up close to see if they can steal water or crumbs. Over time, the mockingbird must have been offered water or food from tourists and now they have no
fear of walking on your things or landing very close to you. It is so important not to feed or touch the animals. It can disrupt their normal behaviors and threaten their future.

Day 4:  Santa Cruz – Bachas Beach – Transfer out
Bachas Beach Galapagos Islands

Bachas beach has beautiful green and blue waters that contrast along the surf of the black lava shores. In the air various shore…

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…birds fly searching for food. On the shore you can explore the sand dunes and find a salt water lagoon with greater pink flamingos


1. Itinerary A  ▲

2. Itinerary B  

3. Itinerary C  ▼

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Camila Galapagos Cruise | Itinerary B

Itinerary B
5 days – 4 nights

Day  1 Arrival to Baltra Airport – Bartolome Island
Day  2 Rabida Island & Santiago Island – Egas Port
Day  3 Genovesa – Darwin Bay &  El Barranco
Day  4 Mosquera Islet & Santa Cruz: Highlands
Day  5 North Seymour – Transfer out
Day 1: Arrival to Baltra Airpor & Bartolome Island
Bartolome Island Galapagos Islands

The guide and crew will greet you and show you to your accommodations upon your arrival. Afterwards, the guide and cruise…

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…manager will hold a short briefing on all safety and emergency protocols, different areas of the vessel and the normal routine of the itinerary.

This island is well known for its incredible remnants of volcano cones and distinct terrain such as Pinnacle Rock. A hike will lead you up to the top of a lookout point to see all of Sullivan Bay. You might be able to see lava lizards and various sea birds
flying above.

Day 2: Rabida Island & Santiago Island – Egas Port
Rabida Island Galapagos Cruise

This visitor site is quite different from others as it has a very distinct and red fine gravel beach due to the iron content…

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…Snorkeling can be done here with spectacular sights of tropical fish. Visitors like to walk along the beach taking in the sights and also visiting the black lagoon with pink flamingos.

This visitor site is also known as James Bay, it is home to Galapagos hawks, lava lizards and the trails lead to a coastline with gorgeous tide pools full of fauna. Fur seals, different from the common sea lions can also be seen here.

Day 3: Genovesa – Darwin Bay &  El Barranco
Darwin Bay | Genovesa Island | Galapagos

A white sand coral beach leads the way to a hiking trail through mangroves filled with many different species of land birds and…

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…other famous species like blue-footed and red-footed boobies and swallow tailed gulls. Towards the end of the hike are tidal pools where you can find sea lions swimming playfully and finally a spectacular view off a cliff.

El Barranco is also known as Prince Philip’s Steps. It is an extraordinary site on the flatter area of the island in Darwin’s Bay. Be prepared to make your way up a rocky crevasse, then enjoy the easy trail to spectacular views. This is one of the few visitor sites where all three boobie species can be seen, as well as the short-eared owl.

Day 4: Mosquera Islet & Santa Cruz: Highlands
Santa Cruz Highlands Galapagos Cruise

Located between the islands of Baltra and North Seymour lays a reef made of coral. This was the result of volcanic uprising…

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…making the islet only 160 meters across at its narrowest width. It has one of the largest populations of sea lions and is home to many shorebirds. On occasion, orcas can be seen hunting off the shoreline.

The highlands are located in the northern part of Santa Cruz and can reach elevations up to 1500 meters. This area is rich with hills, ferns, volcanoes and wildlife. A great contrast to the molten lava harden beaches and rocky areas of other islands already seen. It is home to giant tortoises, mockingbirds, finches and many other species.


Day 5: North Seymour – Transfer out
North Seymour Island Galapagos Islands

Explore the rocky coast of North Seymour passing colonies of blue-footed boobies and magnificent frigatebirds. The island was…

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…formed by a series of submarine lava expelled from the ocean floor, carrying with it layers of sediment uplifted by the tectonic activity. The island is mostly characterized by the arid vegetation.

After this final visit you will be transferred to the airport and your cruise will come to an end and you will be transferred to Baltra Airport.

2. Itinerary A ▲

2. Itinerary B ▲

3. Itinerary C

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Camila Galapagos Cruise | Itinerary C

Itinerary C
6 days – 5 nights

Day  1 Arrival to Baltra Airport & Santiago Island – Sullivan Bay
Day  2 Isabela Island – Vicente Roca Point & Fernandina Island – Espinosa Point
Day  3 Isabela – Tagus Cove &  Urbina Bay
Day  4 Isabela Island – Elizabeth Bay & Moreno Point
Day  5 Santa Cruz Island – Charles Darwin Station & Highlands
Day  6 Santa Fe Island & South Plazas Island
Day  7 Floreana – Post Office Bay & Devil’s Crown / Cormorant Point
Day 8 San Cristobal Island – Interpretation Center / Galapaguera – Transfer out
Day 1: Arrival to Baltra Airport & Santiago Island – Sullivan Bay

The guide and crew will greet you and show you to your accommodations upon your arrival. Afterwards, the guide and cruise…

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…manager will hold a short briefing on all safety and emergency protocols, different areas of the vessel and the normal routine of the itinerary.

Southeast of Santiago Island, Sullivan Bay shows off an interesting lava field with a geologically young flow from 1897. Because the rocks are black and formed of lava, it can get quite hot. Appropriate footwear is required for this visit in order to protect your feet.

Day 2: : Isabela Island – Vicente Roca Point & Fernandina Island – Espinosa Point
Espinoza Point | Fernandina Island | Galapagos

Isabela Island is the largest of all the Galapagos islands. It is most famously known as the island shaped as a seahorse. While in…

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…the panga, keep an eye out for the magnificent mola-mola sunfish!

Between the Bolivar Channel dividing Isabela and Fernandina Islands lies Espinosa Point. The highlight of this visit is the nesting colony of the Flightless Cormorant, which over time lost its ability to fly due to evolutions distinct changes, helping it swim better and faster. Also seen at this site is the incredible remnants of solid magma, but watch your step for the many marine iguanas known to crowd the area.

Day 3: Isabela – Tagus Cove & Urbina Bay
Tagus Cove | Isabela Island | Galapagos Islands | Galapagos Cruises

If you like historic remnants, then you will enjoy finding what was left behind from pirates and sailors in the 1800s. Tagus Cove …

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…was one of their preferred pit stops while traveling the seas. The hike here will provide incredible views of the cove and on the other side the mangrove forest where the last 35 pairs of Mangrove finches thrive.

Millions of years ago, Urbina Bay was once laying on the ocean floor. Volcanic uplifts caused it to rise and now it is occupied by sea lions, land iguanas and flightless cormorants. It is a great place to enjoy some free time on the beach or the guide may
suggest a hike.

Day 4:  Isabela Island – Elizabeth Bay & Moreno Point
Galapagos Islands Snorkeling

Punta Cormorant: wet landing, snorkeling and short trekking. This point is located at west of Floreana Island and it is famous…

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On the eastern coast of Isabela Island is Elizabeth Bay with many islets. These parts are visited by panga and on the rocky shores Galapagos penguins can be seen. There is a large abundance of marine life that can be seen in the clear waters.

The beautiful rocky shores of Moreno Point offers a plethora of birds to be seen. It is truly a birders delight. The main attraction are the coast lagoons where white tipped sharks can be seen and the panoramic views of Sierra Negra and Cerro Azul volcanoes cannot be missed.

Day 5: Santa Cruz Island – Charles Darwin Station & Highlands
Charles Darwin Station Galapagos Islands

The Charles Darwin Research Station is one of the Galapagos Island’s most important sites for visitors. It is a research facility…

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…that has an extensive collection of Galapagos plant life specimens carefully preserved and also acts as a biological research station and active breeding center operated by the Charles Darwin Foundation.

The highlands are located in the northern part of Santa Cruz and can reach elevations up to 1500 meters. This area is rich with hills, ferns, volcanoes and wildlife. A great contrast to the molten lava hardened beaches and rocky areas of other islands already seen. It is home to giant tortoises, mockingbirds, finches and many other species.

Day 6:  Santa Fe Island & South Plazas Island
Santa Fe Island | Galapagos

Santa Fe is home to the endemic Santa Fe iguana. The island was created by a volcanic uplift that now hosts a forest of Opuntia

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…and Palo Santo trees. It is a picturesque island with two different trails, one leading to a scenic viewpoint and the other leading to a small beach.

South Plazas is an small island with steep cliffs was formed by rising lava. It is home to one of the largest sea lion colonies, as well as colorful land iguanas. The most characteristic plant on the island is the Sesuvium that turns bright red during the dry season, creating a contrast on the island. The amazing colors of the turquoise waters against the black lava create a setting for amazing photography opportunities.

Day 7:  : Floreana – Post Office Bay & Devil’s Crown / Cormorant Point
Post Office Bay | Floreana Island | Galapagos Island | Galapagos Cruise

Post Office Bay: Ask the Cruise Manager for one of our complimentary postcards to write a message and address it home. Leave …

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…it in the barrel used before by pirates and sailors. While your there, see if there are any other postcards you can take home with you to send for fellow travelers who have already left their messages!

Just off of Floreana Island is a fantastic snorkeling site known as Devil’s Crown. Various tropical fish species can be seen, even galapagos sharks or white-tipped sharks. Sea lions can be seen hunting for fish or playing through schools of hundreds of fish in circles, it is really quite the site to see. Cormorant point on Floreana Island is a great place to see one of the places where flamingos live in salt water lagoons. Walking along the trail after the lagoon leads to a hidden beach great for walking in the soft sand. Watch your feet if wading in the water, stingrays love to hang out here as well.

Day 8: San Cristobal Island – Interpretation Center / Galapaguera & Transfer out
Interpretation Center | San Cristobal Island | Galapagos

At the interpretation center you’ll find many different exhibits on information about the natural and geological history of the…

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…Galapagos Islands. It first opened in 1998 to help enforce the efforts of wildlife protection and the natural environment through means of population and tourist control.

Transfer out

Technical Specification

  1.  Year of construction: May 2018
  2. Type: Trimaran Power Engine
  3. Length: 125 ft (38 m)
  4. Beam: 43 ft (13 m)
  5. Draft: 6.2 ft (1.9 m)
  6. Gross tonnage: 540 t
  7. Capacity: 16 passengers
  8. Accommodation*:
    • Main Deck: 2 Double Staterooms 344 ft2 / 32 m2 (each)
    • 2 Double Staterooms 312 ft2 / 29 m2 (each)
    • 1 Living Room 796 ft2 / 74 m2
    • 1 Briefing Room 344 ft2 / 32 m2
    • Upper Deck: 4 Staterooms 312 ft2 / 29 m2 (each)
    • Sun Deck: Jacuzzi (Please check with your Guide and Quality Control Manager for our Jaccuzi schedules.)
    *Cabin size includes balcony
  9. Main engines: 2 x SCANIA Diesel Engines DI13 070M 550HP @ 1800RPM
  10. Max speed: 11 knots
  11. Exterior: Plastic Polyester (orthophthalic / isophthalic) reinforced with fiberglass
  12. Crew:
    • Captain
    • Bilingual Galapagos National Park Naturalist Guide
    • Quality Control Manager
    • 9 other crew (First Mate, Second Mate, Chef, Sous Chef, Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Barman, Housekeeper)
  13. Safety & Navigation: All equipment meets or exceeds the international SOLAS standard: 2x 25-man life raft Navtex 300TX FURUNO 2 GPS Depth Sounder 2 naval radars Fire detection and prevention systems etc.
  14. Available Gear: Kayaks Snorkeling Gear Wet Suits

Deck Plans

All rates are referential, please contact us to find the best available offers with this incredible Cruise.

 RACK RATE  4D/3N 5D/4N  8D/7N
Staterooms $3.245 $4.375 $6.880
Charter (16 passengers)  $48.470 $65.310 $102.690

Please check with us for rates and conditions during the following Seasons:
Spring Break (Mar 3-18), Easter (Apr 1-19), Christmas and New Years (Dec 22 – Jan 6).

Amazing ride!

5.0 rating
June 27, 2019

So I and my girlfriend have been together for almost a year now, but I’ve never really spoilt her with a breathtaking trip before. Well, not until now. The Camilla Galapagos cruise was just the right trip. She really enjoyed it. I did too


Safety and style

5.0 rating
March 26, 2019

There’s this reassuring confidence as soon as I boarded. It’s steady and safe. It also has world class facilities and I really felt at home. Great experience.


The best vacations

5.0 rating
December 27, 2018

The Camila Cruise sent me and my niece on one of the best vacations filled with fun activities and excitement. We spent 5 exhilarating days and 4 comfy nights bird watching, rappelling, hiking, tubing, and zip lining

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