Ecuador facts about weather and climate for visitors

Owing to its exotic location on the coast that runs along northwestern South America, Ecuador typically has a warm climate. However, the climate varies region by region, mainly because of the altitude difference and its closeness to the Equator. And, of all the Ecuador facts, an interesting fact about Ecuador is its unpredictable weather. You never know you might even experience all four seasons in a single day.

Ecuador And Galapagos Travel facts – Weather Information

Despite climate differences at different times of the year, the country welcomes travelers with open arms all year round. Talking about the weather, Ecuador has two main seasons—rainy and dry—apart from the other non-specific ones that are mainly because of altitude differences.

Although Ecuador is a year-round destination, it is better if you get the idea when to land on a particular terrain if you are region specific. The Galapagos Islands witness a plethora of tourists throughout the year, thanks to the warm climate. January to May is the ideal time if you look forward to sailing in one of those luxury Galapagos cruises and enjoy the coastal esthetics. June to December, which is the dry season, is cool and often misty. Travelers who love exploring the islands in dry winters must plan their tour during this time.

The Ecuador coast is warm and welcoming during the first quarter of the year, except you might experience periodic showers in the afternoons. Still, the time is ideal if you love to bask on the beaches. The dry season (June–Dec) when the climate is much cooler with overcast is still a great time to visit since humpback whales can be spotted along the coastline.

June to September is at the peak of extreme travel activity in the highlands and is considered a high season. The highlands have sunny and clear days. Although Oriente and the Amazon basin receive heavy rainfall for most of the months, the regions remain dry from June to September. If you are chiefly visiting the Amazon basin, October to December is the ideal time. Avoid a trip to Oriente between April and July, as you are more likely to experience heavy downpours, on the upside, it is the best time for river cruising.

October to November is regarded as the “shoulder season;” it is when the temperature dips several degrees and the highlands witness excessive rainfall every afternoon after a sunny and clear morning. Still, those who are fond of such weather abnormalities may visit the country during this period.

Regardless of slight climatic differences, the climate of Ecuador is always good and refreshing, thanks to its location on the globe. It is one good reason the country has emerged as one of the major tourist’s places in South America.