Quito - Ecuador
Quito - Ecuador
Otavalo - Ecuador
Otavalo - Ecuador

Tour Essential Quito 4 Days / 3 Nights - Ecuador

A visit to Quito in Ecuador is a once-in-a lifetime experience. This unique city in South America provides all that a travel lover could look for, from amazing landscapes to cultural heritage experiences. A city tour of the old town can reveal the history and showcase the live cultures of this andean capital. . The Essential Quito tour has been designed to provide the guests with an authentic "Quiteña" experience. The different day tours you will enjoy on this trip will surely capture your senses; the six senses city tour and the equator line tour will take you to immerse yourself in the heritage of Quito.

In the next few days, the custom designed city stay will fulfill all your expectations. You will be able to enjoy the architecture, customs, and lifestyle of one of the ancient cities in South America. A visit to Otavalo is an introduction to the indigenous people and crafters behind the andean poncho; take a day tour to this unique city and its renamed market, which is a jewel between the Andes. Here you can find handicrafts, ponchos, and other expressions of their culture.

Day by day

Upon arrival, you will be met by your guide at the airport in Quito, and he will take you to your Hotel.

Quito, the second-highest capital in the world, is situated in an Andean mountain range in South America and has a setting that's arguably the best in the entire world. Quito, originally settled by the Quitus Tribe in the first millennium, was an important city in the Inca Empire. It was destroyed by Sebastian de Benalcazar and rebuilt in 1534.

UNESCO declared the colonial center of Quito a World Heritage Site in 1978. It is among Latin America's largest and best-preserved. The city is also home to many excellent art galleries, museums, and churches, some of them the best in South America.

Overnight in Quito

Meals: Breakfast

After an energizing breakfast, you will be picked up by your guide.

In a sensory-stimulating adventure, your day begins with a stroll through the streets and plazas of this largest historical center in America. We will explore the history, traditions, and daily life of this fascinating city.

We follow the road of the Seven Crosses. The old colonial buildings and church facades are a sight to behold before you enter Quito Main Square, also known as Independence Square. This is where the Government Palace can be found.

We will continue our walk through the historic streets and meet local families who make traditional sweets. You will have a chance here to try them out and discover new tastes.

As you continue to the center of Quito and pass by historical buildings constructed of volcanic stone, you start to feel transported in time. You will be captivated by the sculpted Compania church and its stunning interior.

We will visit representatives of the "Escuela Quiteña" (Quito’s historic art heritage) to learn more. They are the ones who keep secrets about colonial art in Quito’s museums and churches. These artists have restored the altars of these historic churches and painted them. You will learn their secrets there and be able to use your creative skills to make your own craft.

La Ronda is our next destination, a historical neighborhood in the heart of Quito. This is an old street that's associated with art, craft, food, and the fun of Quito. This is the oldest street in Quito.

You will then visit the San Marcos Neighborhood. The architecture, which dates back to 1580, is mainly republican and neoclassical. You can see this in the pastel-colored buildings, the clean curtains on the windows, and the banners that hang from balconies. The Muñoz Marino Watercolor Museum is colonial with its stone interiors, corridors, and open space. The Neighborhood is home to three museums, as well as art galleries, family-run shops, and quirky cafes and restaurants.

You will also visit an old house that was converted into a hotel. There you can do local activities with the neighbors of San Marcos and finish the tour by enjoying a drink on the rooftop terrace with its breathtaking view of Panecillo Hill, surrounded by the Old City.

You will be returning to Quito at night.

Your day begins with breakfast before a transfer to the unique town of Otavalo. 

Otavalo, a town rich in culture and vibrant markets, is an enchanting destination for visitors. Its traditional crafts and beautiful natural setting will captivate you. Otavalo is a destination that offers travelers a truly immersive and unique experience. It's known for its thriving indigenous traditions and rich heritage. Otavalo is known for its Otavalo Market. It's one of South America's largest native markets.

Otavalo is rich in culture, and it extends beyond the markets to its native communities. Otavaleños, descendants of ancient Kichwas, proudly maintain their culture and traditions. The Otavaleños' distinctive clothing, which is made up of intricately embroidered garments and textiles, is an expression of their culture.

Visit local communities to immerse yourself in the rich culture of these indigenous people. You can learn more about their ancestral farming methods, witness rituals, and participate in cultural exchanges.

Visit the Otavalo Market, one of South America's largest native markets. The vibrant Otavalo Market is famous for its handicrafts and jewelry.

The picturesque Cuicocha Lake is located within the Cotacachi-Cayapas Ecological Reserve. Enjoy a cruise on the lake and the volcanic scenery surrounding it. Around the lake, there are hiking trails that offer breathtaking views as well as opportunities to spot wildlife.

Depending on your schedule of visits, you may be able to see the chapel from the 17th century. The Quito School of Arts created the altar sculptures, one of which is dedicated to San Ignacio de Loyola. He was the founder of The Society of Jesus. The old granary is located in front of the chapel. It houses a stunning exhibition that features up to 70 different varieties of roses grown at Hacienda de la Compania de Jesus. Together, the vibrant colors and rural architecture create an enchanting scene. You will also tour a part of the plantations and, if you are there during the working hours, see how the roses are grown.

You will be returning to Quito at night.

After enjoying a wonderful breakfast, depending on the time, we will be taken to the Airport for your national connection if you have planned to visit any other unique destination in Ecuador, like the enchanted islands of the Galapagos or the Amazon region. The transfer out can also be to the airport for your international connection.


  • Arrive in Quito, immerse in its charm with the guide's description.
  • Explore Quito's history, art, and Equatorial Line monument.
  • Discover Otavalo's culture, vibrant market, and Cuicocha Lake.
Quito - Ecuador
Quito - Ecuador
Otavalo - Ecuador
Otavalo - Ecuador
Tour Essential Quito 4 Days / 3 Nights
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