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Eco Galaxy Catamaran

First Class
On board the comfortable and always new Eco Galaxy catamaran (the boat visits the shipyard for a facelift every other year), you will experience an enjoyable and unforgettable time! Feel the safety and exclusivity of a Galapagos purpose built expedition boat. You can choose the Island itinerary you prefer, we have 4 diverse and well planned wildlife viewing cruise itineraries. Be prepared to spend fun days, a great educational experience through leisurely excursions with lots of adventure activities hiking, snorkeling kayaking and meeting the unique creatures that call the archipelago their home.

Galapagos Eco Galaxy Catamaran Services

This ship has an unmatched high-quality service, delicious food, knowledgeable and helpful guides and professional crew. The Eco Galaxy catamaran was built based on the highest ecological parameters. The design and equipment implemented was used with the primary objective of reducing the negative environmental impact tourism could have on the Galapagos Islands.
Eco Galaxy Catamaran |  Galapagos Cruises
From $2,151.00
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