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Luxury Class

The M/C Elite is one of the most luxurious Motor Catamarans that offers expeditions in Galapagos since June 2019, the M/C ELITE was created to reinvent class and overall travel experience for its guests. It will provides a steady and safe navigation around the Galapagos and its design provides more space on board, especially on social areas by blending indoor/outdoor for a far more enjoyable time on board. And let’s not forget its inner 180 degree-view lounge and delightful cuisine with Ecuadorian and international dishes served with a friendly smile by the well-trained crew.

Needless to say, the Galapagos Elite offers top safety with state-of-the-art navigation computers and safety equipment: safety and reliability are essential parts of any Galapagos luxury experience.

Each of its luxurious suites have a large private balcony and all are convertible twin/double, some with additional for bed and exclusive amenities. The Staff are well-known in the industry for their perfectionism when it comes to planning and operating luxury cruises and providing the best personalized service on board to make demanding guests’ adventure, a memorable journey in the enchanted Galapagos.

 All itineraries were carefully crafted in accordance with National Park’s regulations to provide not only superb comfort, but also the possibility to explore the most amazing natural sites in the Archipelago, accompanied by the most capable and knowledgeable bilingual guides that will make a real adventure out of every excursion. So let’s hop on this fantastic Catamaran for an unforgettable trip!

From $3,589.00
 Dining area | Elite Catamaran
 Lounge | Elite Catamaran
 Social area | Elite Catamaran
Golden suite  | Elite Catamaran
Cabin | Elite Catamaran
Single Cabin | Elite Catamaran

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