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Galapagos Islands Wildlife Events Calendar

Galapagos Seasonal Wildlife Calendar of Natural Montly Events

The Galapagos Islands’ wildlife is truly exceptional as the endemic species never developed fear of humans due to the isolated location of the Archipelago. The Islands are pristine as it´s free of introduced and invasive species.

The species that arrived to the Galapagos survived mainly by evolving in a certain niche and adapting to the natural environment of our remote Archipelago. There is no argument that the natural biodiversity of the islands and its Marine Reserve makes the Galapagos a unique living paradise-laboratory of evolution.

Our carefully made wildlife activity calendar will allow you to you know first-hand what is going on each month of the year in the Enchanted Islands; this calendar is a reference to customary wildlife activity and behavior and so it may differ from reality or eventual natural changes as animals can be unpredictable as part of their constant adaptation to their habitat.

As a useful tool to help you with your travel plans, we have provided animal highlights information on a monthly basis. You can download our Calendar in the below link or click on each month in the wildlife activity calendar to see the marvelous natural events that will be part of your Galapagos journey!

We invite you to witness the amazing natural events that takes place in the Galapagos paradise on board an exclusive sailing cruise like Catamaran Camila or Yacht Grand Majestic.

Wildlife Calendar
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