Tijeretas | San Cristobal
Kicker Rock | San Cristobal
Penguins | Isabela
Tintoreras | Isabela

From San Cristobal to Isabela Island-Hopping - Galapagos Tour

Day by day

Arrival to Galapagos. Transportation from airport to hotel. Lunch at a local restaurant. Visit the San Cristobal Interpretation Center. Here, the guide will explain the history of the Galapagos Islands, including the formation, the migration of animals and the evolution.

Visit “Cerro Tijeretas”, or “Frigate Hill”. Here we can encounter marine animals and also do some snorkeling to see colorful fish species, starfish, sea urchins, or to simply enjoy the cristal clear waters. Visit Playa Carola, where you will enjoy the gorgeous beach.


The guide will pick you up from your hotel to go to the pier for the kicker Rock Tour. This Galapagos side is an eroded volcano, now 2 rocks rising 500 feet up out of the sea and resembling what locals called a ‘sleeping lion’, thus it’s another name, Leon Dormido.

Wildlife: Hammerhead Sharks, Galapagos shark, Manta Rays, Flying Rays, Green Sea Turtles, Reef Fish, Stingrays, Eagle rays, Eels, Barracudas, as well as a variety of invertebrates including Octopuses. The currents are mild and the water depth is between 8 and 35mts. ( 25- 120 ft).


At agreed time transfer to the airport for your flight to Isabela Island. Today you will go to the Tuneles for a great snorkeling opportunity. Entering Los Tuneles can sometimes be tricky, but when the sea is calm it almost feels like you are surfing in by boat along the breakers. Inside the breakers the water is calm, shallow and crystal clear. It is to be compared to snorkeling in an aquarium! First you pass through the labyrinth of lava tubes that have spilled over into the sea as time and the ocean has created a maze of these tubes, many of which are now lava arches with narrow passes above the sea. Some are still intact and you are able to land and walk for a short time, whilst viewing 2 active volcanoes in the background.

As you continue to snorkel, you are also able to swim up close to the rocks where blue-footed boobies are resting, sometimes with their young or sitting on eggs. There are so many different types of tropical fish and only in the Galapagos can you snorkel with penguins, sharks and tropical fish at the same time.


Today we have Tintoreras Islet Tour. The guide will transfer passengers to the dock of Puerto Villamil in order to embark on small boats. After a short ride (approx. 15 min.), we arrive at Tintoreras. After the hike through the islet, we will snorkel. We can see starfish, multicolor fish, sea-urchins, and with luck manta rays, sharks, and sea lions that may swim with us close up.

In the afternoon you will go to the Wall of Tears; the wall has a length of 100m and a height of 7m. The name is derived from the difficult and painful nature of the conditions in which the prisoners were forced to work. Visit a Lava Tunnel near the Wall, as well as visits to Mirador Orchilla, Estero de Isabela, and Playa del Amor


At 05:30 am, you will be transferred to the Port for embarkation. At your arrival at Santa Cruz around 08:30, a guide will be waiting for you to take you to the Charles Darwin Research Station.

Here you will see a variety of species of Giant Tortoises. You will also learn about the ongoing conservation efforts directed at preserving the Giant Tortoises, as well as the environment of the archipelago.



After breakfast, the guide will meet you in the hotel´s lobby in order to take them to the dock, and start the tour. Lunch will be included onboard the yacht. According to tour availability you can choose one of the below sites:

North Seymour Island is a spectacular place to hike, swim, and enjoy snorkeling. The main attractions are: the frigates, boobies, gulls, hawks, green sea turtles and the famous Galapagos Sharks.

Bartolome Island is the most attractive landscape of the archipelago. This island is undoubtedly the most photographed in all the Galapagos Islands. You can appreciate a spectacular view of two beautiful bays and observe the fascinating formations of lava and volcanic cones.

Two islands form Plazas. The turquoise waters of the channel contrast brilliantly with the white sand and black lava coast. It is a wonderful spot to observe marine life, including manta rays. Coasts are a perfect spot for snorkeling activity.


At agreed time transfer to the airport in Baltra, so you can take your flight back to Quito or Guayaquil. On the way, we will make a brief stop in order to visit two sunken “holes”, similar to craters, known as “Los Gemelos”.


Itinerary Map

Tijeretas | San Cristobal
Kicker Rock | San Cristobal
Penguins | Isabela
Tintoreras | Isabela
From San Cristobal to Isabela Island-Hopping
7 Days

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