Arctic vacations

Nordic Vacations: Visit the best of Iceland and Norway

Ever dreamt of witnessing the dance of the Northern Lights? Or perhaps, navigating through Norway's enchanting fjords?

Your dreams are closer than you think...

Picture this: You're in Iceland, immersed in a landscape straight out of a fantasy novel. Steam rises from geothermal springs while ice-capped mountains tower overhead.

The same itinerary takes you to Norway where pristine fjords reflect soaring cliffs and quaint villages nestled at their feet.

This isn't just any vacation; it's an epic Nordic journey waiting for your footprints!

We'll take you on that journey right here... giving tips about top destinations, curated tours and accommodations, travel news updates and much more.

Sit tight, because we're about to embark on an adventure that will inspire your next big trip!

Nordic Destinations: Uncover the Magic of Greenland, Iceland and Norway

The allure of Nordic lands is undeniable. Picture yourself soaking in a geothermal pool under the aurora borealis, or navigating your way through Norwegian fjords on a kayak. Sounds enchanting, doesn't it? Let's embark on an exploration into Greenland, Norway and Iceland, three crown jewels of Nordic vacations.

Iceland Vacations: A Geothermal Wonderland

In Iceland, nature takes center stage. Its landscapes are otherworldly with black sand beaches, cascading waterfalls, active volcanoes, and glistening glaciers. You can dive between continents at Silfra Fissure or soak in natural hot springs like the famous Blue Lagoon.

A visit to Reykjavik gives you more than just stunning views; it also immerses you in Icelandic culture with its art scene, culinary delights (try hákarl if you dare), and unique architecture like Hallgrímskirkja church.

Norway Vacations: A Celebration of Natural Beauty

If Iceland offers fiery passion from within earth’s core, then Norway serves up tranquility with dramatic fjordscapes that will leave you breathless. Be sure to experience these majestic wonders via one of our handpicked tours such as the "Fjord Highlights Cruise". Imagine sailing amidst towering cliffs dotted by picturesque villages – truly an unforgettable sight.

Cities like Oslo and Bergen not only provide vibrant urban life but also act as gateways for hiking trips to iconic spots such as Trolltunga and Preikestolen. Norway's Sami culture, stunning Northern Lights, and the midnight sun are also experiences that you won't want to miss.

Experiencing Iceland and Norway with Voyagers Travel Company

Our team is committed to showing you the top spots as well as uncovering lesser-known treasures, so that your holiday can be a perfect mix of both. We're dedicated to making your dream vacation a reality.

Curated Tours Across Norway and Iceland

Norway and Iceland, two of the most captivating countries in the Nordic region, offer landscapes that seem to spring straight from a fairy tale. Voyagers Travel Company has carefully crafted tours across these lands to let you experience their unique charm.

Touring Through Norway’s Stunning Landscapes

Imagine cruising through deep-blue fjords surrounded by towering cliffs. That's just an average day on our Norwegian tour packages. These curated trips give you a taste of Norway’s natural beauty – think verdant valleys dotted with quaint cottages or hiking trails leading to panoramic mountain views.

We don’t stop at nature though; we also take you through charming coastal towns like Bergen where historical buildings add color to the already picturesque scenery.
Bergen | Norway
Photo: MariusLtu

The Geothermal Wonders of Iceland

Iceland is more than just its famous Blue Lagoon. Our Icelandic adventures explore geysers erupting under northern skies, black sand beaches stretching into the horizon, and ice caves that sparkle like diamonds under torchlight. Each tour lets your senses dive into this land of fire and ice.

Besides enjoying natural wonders, be ready for experiences such as soaking in hot springs while gazing up at dancing auroras or walking between tectonic plates in Thingvellir National Park - yes, literally.

Thingvellir National Park | Iceland
Photo: Nejc Gostincar

Cross-Country Cruises: A Journey Between Two Lands

Can't decide between Norway and Iceland? Our cross-country cruises offer the best of both worlds. Starting from Norway’s fjord-laden west coast, we journey towards Iceland's volcanic shores.

The itinerary includes UNESCO World Heritage sites like Geirangerfjord in Norway and Thingvellir National Park in Iceland. But that’s not all - expect to see whales breaking surface near your ship or puffins nesting on cliff edges.

Customized Tours: Tailored to Your Preferences

We understand that every traveler is unique. That's why Voyagers Travel Company also offers custom trips. No matter if you're a novice sightseer or an experienced adventurer, our team can construct a tailored schedule that caters to your desires and inclinations.

Handcrafted Trips By Recognized Specialists

Voyagers Travel Company offers tailor-made tours. You can customize your itinerary to focus on what interests you most, whether it's the Northern Lights, wildlife encounters or local cultural immersion. We ensure that every journey is not just a trip but an unforgettable experience tailored to your preferences.

Handpicked Accommodations for a Comfortable Stay

When you're exploring the stunning landscapes of Iceland and Norway, where you rest your head at night is just as important. It's not just about finding a place to sleep; it's about soaking up Nordic hospitality and local charm.

We've done the research to save you time and effort, so that you can make the most of your stay in Iceland and Norway. We know that comfort, convenience, and authentic experiences are key elements of an unforgettable vacation. So we've handpicked some accommodations which will let you enjoy these aspects to their fullest.

Iceland: Where Modern Meets Magical

In Iceland, the modern meets magical in ways hard to find elsewhere. From eco-friendly boutique hotels nestled amid geothermal hot springs like Ion Adventure Hotel, or rustic lodges with jaw-dropping glacier views such as Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon - each accommodation offers something unique.

You'll love falling asleep under twinkling stars after an exciting day of adventure and waking up refreshed amidst untouched nature. And if luck favours, maybe even catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights right from your window.

Norway: Hospitality Like No Other

Norwegian culture thrives on 'koselig', similar to Danish 'hygge' - essentially meaning coziness. The concept is embedded deep within Norwegian living standards – including their approach towards guest stays too. You can expect this ethos reflected throughout our favourite accommodations here.

Fjord Norway’s Kviknes Hotel lets guests soak in panoramic fjord views while Juvet Landscape Hotel provides a minimalist yet elegant retreat amid Norway's wilderness. Each hotel brings 'koselig' to life in its unique way, offering comfort and relaxation after your day of Nordic exploration.

Authenticity at the Heart

It's not just about luxury amenities or stunning locations. The best stays also offer a touch of authenticity, helping you connect with the local culture.

Remote and Authentic

Enjoy the Nordic charm and hospitality with our handpicked accommodations in Iceland and Norway. In Iceland, experience modern luxury amid magical landscapes at places like Ion Adventure Hotel or Fosshotel Glacier Lagoon. Meanwhile, embrace 'koselig', a cozy Norwegian ethos reflected in our favorite stays such as Kviknes Hotel or Juvet Landscape Hotel. Beyond just comfort, these locations offer breathtaking views that'll surely leave you spellbound.

Top 8 Nordic Tour Packages

We've handpicked eight tour packages that perfectly capture the spirit of Nordic travel. These trips are more than just vacations, they're unique journeys through breathtaking landscapes and cultural richness.

Why Choose the Nordics for Your Next Vacation?

The Nordic lands of Europe, particularly Iceland and Norway, are truly unique travel destinations. These destinations offer unparalleled experiences that cannot be found elsewhere.

Iceland, an enchanting land of fire and ice, is a geologically remarkable destination. From its geothermal hot springs to breathtaking glaciers, it's like stepping into another world. You can relax in natural geothermal pools such as Blue Lagoon or explore volcanic landscapes that have shaped this country's unique terrain.

Norway offers equally captivating sceneries but with a different twist. It’s home to some of the most stunning fjords on Earth—a testament to Mother Nature's artistic prowess—best viewed from places like Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjord which feature among UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites list.UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites.

A Taste Of The Local Culture And Cuisine

The cultural heritage here is just as rich as their natural wonders. In both countries, you’ll get immersed in ancient traditions fused with modern lifestyle – from Norse mythology rooted deeply within Norwegian society even today, to Icelandic sagas told through generations since Viking times.

Culinary delights are another reason to make the Nordics your next vacation spot. Iceland's unique dishes like hákarl (fermented shark) or Norway’s world-renowned seafood especially its salmon, will surely tantalize your taste buds.

Unforgettable Adventures

Nordic countries also offer adventure in abundance. You can explore the rugged Icelandic terrain on a Super Jeep tour, hike up stunning Norwegian fjords, or even go whale watching in both these countries.

And then there is the Northern Lights - an ethereal natural light show that turns night skies into a spectacle of colors from green and pink to purple.

Making Memories

For a unique vacation, consider the Nordic lands. With Iceland's geothermal wonders and Norway's stunning fjords, you'll find unmatched natural beauty. Immerse yourself in rich cultural heritage, sample unique local cuisine like hákarl or Norwegian salmon, and embark on unforgettable adventures from Super Jeep tours to Northern Lights spotting.

Newly Launched Tours in Norway

A thrilling announcement came last week as new tours were launched across various regions of Norway. One tour particularly caught our attention: The Fjord Explorer. This unique experience lets visitors discover Norway's stunning fjords from both land and sea perspectives.

Another noteworthy addition includes an exciting Northern Lights hunting expedition around Tromsø city which promises high chances of witnessing this natural spectacle during winter months.

Norwegian Hotels Garnering Global Recognition

Norwegian hospitality is receiving international applause as several hotels make it to the coveted list of Conde Nast Traveler's Best Hotels and Resorts. One such establishment, The Thief in Oslo, offers an unforgettable blend of comfort, local charm and stunning fjord views.

These awards don't just shine a light on Norway's top-notch places to stay. They also ramp up its charm for those hunting for high-end digs nestled in the heart of stunning scenery.

True Viking Hospitality

Staying on top of Nordic travel news is easy with our team at Voyagers Travel Company. Recent highlights include newly launched tours in Norway like the Fjord Explorer and a Northern Lights expedition, as well as Iceland's open invitation to vaccinated tourists. Also making headlines are Norwegian hotels receiving global recognition for their hospitality.

Exciting Activities to Enjoy in the Nordics

The Nordic lands of Iceland and Norway are brimming with thrilling activities. These destinations invite you to immerse yourself in a world where nature is king, offering unforgettable experiences.

Northern Light Aurora | Iceland

Northern Lights Chase

Iceland and Norway are two of the best places on earth to witness the Northern Lights. This natural light show paints the sky with mesmerizing colors that dance among stars. The experience is surreal - it's like being part of an impressionist painting come alive.

Jotunheimen National Park | Norway

Hiking Through National Parks

Nordic countries boast some incredibly diverse landscapes. From jagged mountains to tranquil forests, hiking through these terrains can be a truly invigorating activity. In particular, try trekking in Jotunheimen National Park, Norway or exploring Skaftafell in Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland for an epic adventure.


Whale | Iceland | Fjords

Whale Watching Tours

A boat tour gives you a chance to observe majestic whales up close – something not many get to do. Head out from Reykjavik Harbor or Tromsø port for this awe-inspiring encounter.



Fjord Cruises

In addition, cruising along fjords such as Geirangerfjord and Nærøyfjorden provides unparalleled views of steep cliffs rising above deep blue waters—a quintessential Norwegian sight.

Riding horse | Iceland

Riding Icelandic Horses

Experience Iceland's unique horse breed known for their friendly demeanor and smooth gait. A horseback ride across lava fields or black sand beaches can be a fun way to explore the countryside.

Diving in Silfra

Diving Between Continents in Silfra

For the ultimate underwater experience, Silfra offers a unique chance to dive between two continents. You're literally swimming between the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates, making it an adventure you won't forget.

Why Choose Voyagers Travel Company for Your Nordic Vacation?

You're probably wondering, why pick us for your dream vacation to the Nordic lands? Well, we have a simple answer: We make it personal.

We don't just sell tours. We give you an experience that's as unique and vibrant as the Northern Lights themselves. With our extensive knowledge of Iceland and Norway, we curate vacations that capture your imagination and feed your wanderlust.

Handpicked Destinations & Experiences

In each tour package, we include destinations known only to locals or seasoned travelers. You won’t be stuck following crowds or ticking off generic tourist spots. Instead, prepare yourself for stunning fjords, geothermal wonders and cultural gems waiting around every corner.

Besides regular sightseeing activities like hiking through national parks or witnessing the ethereal Northern Lights (weather permitting.), expect more immersive experiences - imagine having dinner with locals while they share their tales over traditional food cooked right before you.

A Personalized Approach To Planning

Your trip is exactly that – yours. So whether you’re an adventure seeker eager to hike Iceland’s glaciers or someone looking forward to soaking up Norway’s rich history at its many museums—we've got you covered.

We work closely with each traveler during planning stages so no detail gets overlooked—whether it’s choosing from our list of favorite hotels and lodges or selecting a tour package that fits your travel style perfectly.

Staying Informed & Prepared

When it comes to traveling, surprises aren’t always fun. But with us by your side, you’ll have the latest news on Nordic travel at your fingertips—from new tour launches to any potential travel advisories. So nothing stands between you and an unforgettable journey.

We're also available round-the-clock for all questions big or small—whether it's about what kind of weather to expect during your trip, visa requirements or anything else under the sun (or Northern Lights.). We help customers every step of their journey making sure they feel supported and prepared.

FAQs in Relation to Nordic Vacations

What is the best month to visit the Nordics?

The ideal time to explore Scandinavia is between June and August, when weather conditions are favorable for outdoor activities

What is the most affordable Nordic country to visit?

Savvy pocket conscious travelers often find Iceland a great pick. It offers stunning sights without breaking the bank.

Which Nordic country is the best?

All have their charms but both Iceland and Norway top many lists due to its out worldly lava fierds, striking fjords, Northern Lights, and rich Viking history.

Which Nordic country should I visit first?

Iceland makes a fantastic starting point with its diverse landscapes of geysers, glaciers, hot springs and waterfalls in close proximity.
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