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Embark on an Antarctic Wildlife Adventure unlike any other as we journey through awe-inspiring landscapes and encounter the most magnificent creatures on Earth. From the charming Falkland Islands to the rugged beauty of the Southern Ocean, and the pristine wilderness of South Georgia Islands, our expedition promises unforgettable encounters with nature's wonders. Traverse the legendary Drake Passage, where the thrill of spotting majestic whales and diverse marine life awaits. With each destination, immerse yourself in the untamed beauty of the Antarctic, where towering glaciers, bustling penguin colonies, and breathtaking scenery await. Join us on this extraordinary voyage to the Antarctic, where every moment is an adventure and every encounter is truly unforgettable.

21 Day Antarctica Itinerary

Day 1: Ushuaia

Ushuaia is the southernmost town in the world and our starting point for an Antarctic adventure. Our staff will greet you at the airport and transfer you to the hotel that we have arranged and included in your itinerary. You are then free to spend the remainder of the day exploring this exciting port and adventure center.

Museo del Fin del Mundo offers a fascinating introduction to the local wildlife and history. You can arrange a range of activities to fit your interests and level of fitness, including hiking through the nearby Tierra del Fuego National Park or wildlife watching in Beagle Channel. Ushuaia has a variety of restaurants that serve Patagonian Lamb and delicious Fuegian Seafood.

Day 2: Beagle Clannel

You can spend the day in Ushuaia after breakfasting at your hotel. Enjoy the beautiful waterfront while admiring the views of the Martial Range - the southernmost peak of the Andes. You can shop for last-minute items such as winter gear or souvenirs. Remember that you'll soon be receiving your own parka and boots for borrowing on the ship. Avenida San Martin is home to many cafés, gelato stores, and parrillas that will satisfy your appetite for lunch.

You will then be transported to a deluxe expedition ship. Explore the spacious ship and settle into your suite. This will be the home for your extraordinary journey. Your expedition team will provide you with thorough briefings as well as introductions after the ship has departed. Step out on the decks after the first delicious dinner to enjoy the beautiful evening light and scenery as we sail through the Beagle Channel.

Day 3: Falkland Islands

We head north-east toward the Falkland Island after passing through the Beagle Channel. Keep an eye out for whales and dolphins. In the case of rough waters, stabilizing fins on board provide comfort. Our experts will prepare you to welcome us in the Falkland islands.

Day 4 & 5: Falkland Islands

Falkland Islands, which are sparsely populated and remote, is a paradise for birders. Two days will be spent on the outermost islands, where penguins and Albatross colonies are easy to reach. Falkland Islands are a wonderful place to see marine mammals. Cetaceans like Peale’s Dolphins and Commerson’s Dolphins live in the waters surrounding the archipelago. The weather on these windswept and isolated islands will determine our exact itinerary and the exploration possibilities.

Stanley is the capital and charmingly British city of the Falkland Island. The Falkland Islands Museum is within walking distance of the waterfront promenade, as are the Governor's House, the cathedral, with its impressive whalebone arches outside, the war memorial, gift shops and pubs. There are also views of shipwrecks on the harbor.

Day 6 & 7: South Georgia

We head East from the Falkland islands to South Georgia. The Antarctic Convergence is the bio-boundary of the Southern Ocean. Our experts will prepare you with lectures, briefings and bio-security protocols before we arrive in South Georgia.

Day 8 to 12: South Georgia

The most authentic form of expedition cruising. The weather we experience in South Georgia will determine our route and the exploration possibilities available. The itinerary is determined by our experienced expedition leader and captain, who constantly adjusts plans to suit the conditions. In this remote and wild corner of the globe, you can rest assured that we will take full advantage of all the opportunities presented by the nature. Every chance we get, we land in this incredible place.

South Georgia offers a spectacular wilderness, and is the perfect place to see subantarctic wildlife. According to reports, the islands host up to 100 million seabirds including albatrosses, penguins prions, terns, and petrels. Over 100,000 elephant seals, three million fur seals and innumerable other penguins compete for space on beaches like those of Salisbury Plain or St. Andrews Bay. These include stately king and macaroni penguins. This wilderness will be even more beautiful and abundant with birds after the recently finished rat-eradication program.

Whales are increasingly common in the abundant waters around South Georgia. Grytviken, the historic whaling base of South Georgia is home to an excellent South Georgia Museum run by the South Georgia Heritage Trust. Grytviken, where Ernest Shackleton is buried, was the whaling station of the past. It now houses the excellent South Georgia Museum run by the South Georgia Heritage Trust.

We will fill our days with unforgettable excursions, delicious meals, expert presentations, breathtaking scenery, and plenty of wildlife.

Day 13 & 14: Antarctic Peninsula

Continue west towards the Antarctic Peninsula. These waters are a haven for pelagic birds, including the magnificent albatross. They can be easily spotted from open decks and stateroom balconies or windows. We might also see huge tabular icebergs drifting from the Weddell sea northward.

Day 15 to 18: South Shetland Islands & Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctica’s Peninsula Region contains the most beautiful scenery in the world and offers some of Antarctica’s best opportunities for wildlife viewing. The peaks of the mountains are covered with snow all year round and surrounded by vast glaciers and protected bays. The image is completed by icebergs in every shape and size. Whale and seals inhabit waters rich in krill. This area is awash with penguins, which forage at sea or form large colonies on special land spots. There are also a number of research stations in the area, which belong to different nationalities.

South Shetland Islands is the most northern island in Antarctica. It will be our first landfall. The South Shetland Islands are a beautiful and wild island chain with many landing sites that have historical and wildlife significance. Elephant Island is one of them, and it's where Shackleton spent his famous Endurance Expedition.

The Gerlache Strait is a beautiful area on the Antarctic Peninsula. It has sheltered bays and wildlife that can be accessed, as well as stunning scenery.

Our route is dictated by the unpredictable weather conditions and constantly changing ice conditions in Antarctica. It's a true expedition. Our Zodiac excursions, wildlife encounters and stunning scenery are all part of our daily routine.

Day 19 & 20: Drake Passage

The adventure has not yet ended. In these untamed waters, we are constantly on the watch for seabirds and marine mammals. It is time to celebrate with the Captain’s Farewell Cocktail, and the final slideshow. As we sail through the Beagle Channel we will enjoy an evening of calm sailing towards Ushuaia.

Day 21: Ushuaia

We say goodbye to Ushuaia where we began after breakfast. If you want to stay longer, we can provide a transfer from the hotel to the airport. You may be already looking forward to next year's adventure on the ice as you reflect back upon your amazing experience in Antarctica.

Itinerary Map

Antarctic Wildlife Adventure

21 Day Antarctica Itinerary Includes

  • Group transfer to the ship on day of embarkation
  • Group transfer to airport or central location upon disembarkation
  • Shipboard accommodation
  • All scheduled landings/excursions
  • Leadership throughout the voyage by our Expedition Leader & Expedition Team
  • Leadership throughout the voyage by our Expedition Leader & Expedition Team
  • WiFi on board
  • All meals on board throughout the voyage
  • Tea and coffee station 24 hours daily
  • Branded Poseidon Expeditions parka
  • Rubber boots for shore landings for the time of the cruise
  • Welcome and Farewell cocktails
  • All port fees
  • Predeparture materials
  • Digital Voyage Log

21 Day Antarctica Itinerary Does not Include

  • Visa and passport fees (if applicable)
  • Luggage and trip cancellation insurance
  • Soft drinks and alcoholic beverages other than those for special events and celebrations
  • Personal expenses such as laundry and telecommunication charges
  • Mandatory Emergency Evacuation Insurance to a minimum benefit of US$ 200,000 per person
  • Staff gratuities

21 Day Antarctica Itinerary Highlights

  • Explore the sparsely populated and remote Falkland Islands, a paradise for birders with easy access to penguin and albatross colonies.
  • Experience the spectacular wilderness of South Georgia, home to millions of seabirds and abundant wildlife including elephant seals, fur seals, and various penguin species.
  • Witness the breathtaking scenery of Antarctica's Peninsula Region, with snow-capped mountains, vast glaciers, and pristine bays.
  • Encounter whales, seals, and penguins in their natural habitat, and explore historic landing sites with wildlife significance.
  • Zodiac excursions, wildlife encounters, and stunning scenery.

Meals Included

  • Breakfast Served Daily
  • 20 Dinners
  • 21 Lunches
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Grytviken | South Georgia |  Antarctica
 | Cierva Cove | Leopard Seal

21 Day Antarctica cruise activities

Sea Kayaking
Under full instruction from your sea kayaking guide, experience true tranquillity as you paddle through clinking ice floes and realise the enormity of the surrounding scenery. Look out for breaching whales, lounging seals and penguins zipping alongside your kayak. Some experience is required.
Ice Camping
Camp out on the ice and experience the silence which blankets the continent by night. This is your chance to completely connect with this ethereal ice world – wrap up warm and embrace the Antarctic elements.
Get a spring in your step when you slip on a pair of snowshoes in Antarctica. Enabling you to easily scale gentle slopes, this unique activity allows you to access hard to reach places and seek out the most impressive views.
Learn to capture wildlife and landscape shots in a small group photography program, including critiquing sessions and editing classes. Plus, Explorer Boat excursions with a dedicated photography expert on landings.
Explorer Boats
Achieve the best views and photographs from a forward facing Explorer Boats. They allow you to sit comfortably and securely while crackling through the ice-strewn waters. Look out for wildlife such as penguins, seals and whales as you cruise.
It doesn’t get more serene than complimentary yoga classes to the tune of glacial scenery. Join the most unique exercise setting in the world after a day of exploration. Classes are regular but are dependent on weather conditions and swell.
Antarctic Wildlife Adventure
21 Days
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