Costa Rica | Costa Rica Unveiled: Bespoke Yachting Adventure & Unrivaled Luxury

Costa Rica Unveiled: Bespoke Yachting Adventure & Unrivaled Luxury


The savory taste of triumph mingled with the delightful fragrance of the Costa Rican rainforest as the yacht smoothly returned to civilization, marking the grand conclusion of the inaugural journey into the wild Peninsula Osa. A group of nine kontikiers, united by the excitement of exploration and the cadence of the ocean, navigated concealed bays bustling with life, hiked through lush jungles resonating with exotic sounds, and relished in the opulence of the luxurious expedition yacht.

As the sun descended beneath the horizon, casting a fiery farewell across the seascape, it was evident that this was not merely the culmination of a voyage but the commencement of an extraordinary season in this enchanting locale. With hearts brimming with gratitude, we joyfully announce the commencement of Kontiki's groundbreaking expeditions in Costa Rica.

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Visit Peninsula Osa with Us

Discover the Pristine Wonders of Costa Rica


This journey provides an exclusive portal to uncover the hidden treasures of the Península de Osa. Celebrated for its diverse biodiversity, this area showcases a mosaic of vibrant ecosystems. From the lush rainforests to the azure depths teeming with marine life, each moment guarantees an encounter with the exceptional.

Peninsula Osa | Costa Rica
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Revel in Unmatched Luxury at Sea


The M/Y Kontiki Wayra epitomizes comfort and opulence, tailored for the discerning traveler. Every aspect of the yacht exudes grace and refinement, ensuring your voyage is as luxurious as it is unforgettable. The toptier crew is committed to delivering flawless service, attending to your every requirement with the utmost discretion and professionalism.

Kontiki | Costa Rica

Connect with Kindred Explorers


This expedition transcends a simple escape; it is a congregation of souls drawn to the allure of discovery and indulgence. Engage with fellow explorers who share your enthusiasm for exclusive experiences and forge connections that go beyond the ordinary.

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Secure Your Passage to Paradise


For more details about the brandnew expedition in Central America and to secure your spot in this unparalleled adventure, please reach out to us at

Availability is limited to ensure a personalized and intimate experience.

Embark with us on the M/Y Kontiki Wayra as we set sail towards the horizon, where luxury converges with adventure in the heart of Costa Rica's tropical sanctuary. It's not merely a journey; it's the commencement of a narrative you'll treasure for a lifetime.

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