undefined | New Routes to Enjoy the World: Kontiki Expeditions opens a new yachting destination in Costa Rica

New Routes to Enjoy the World: Kontiki Expeditions opens a new yachting destination in Costa Rica


A goal for Kontiki Expeditions has always been the expansion of their boutique cruises and the redefinition of conscious tourism beyond Ecuador. This goal has taken a step forward with the announcement of the premiere expedition to the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica. This expedition is booked to sail from January 21st 2024 to May 12th 2024

The destination was chosen for the abundance of wildlife on land and sea, the lush tropical forest, the biodiversity of the region, the beauty of the landscapes, and the many excursions that can be taken for adventure, wildlife sightseeing, or just for an amazing and new experience.

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Costa Rica Experience


This Costa Rican expedition will reveal the authenticity and beauty of this country by visiting uncrowded small towns, mangroves, forests, protected eco-reserves full of wildlife, and pristine beaches. This itinerary features daily experiences that include nature, exploration, and adventure. It also includes water sports, yachting, farm-to-table gastronomy, and wellness.

Visit Costa Rica

Places to visit

The expedition starts in Marina Bahia Golfito, an underexplored location among the exuberant mangroves and lush forest. The privileged location allows the expedition to meet the Corcovado and Piedras Blancas National Parks. Other places that are included in the itinerary are Golfo Dulce, Osa Península, Isla del Caño, Drake Bay, Isla Tortuga, and Papagayo península; The expedition sails north, allowing the guests to have jaw-dropping experiences while enjoying the landscapes and the dramatic contrast of the tour.

Visit Parque Nacional de Corcovado in Costa Rica


Kontiki’s latest expedition is a testament to the excellence of Kontiki’s previous experiences. Kontiki’s Super Yatch expeditionary, with its 13 crew members who are sure to maximize your experience, also boasts 4 lounge areas outdoors, 1 formal lounge inside, 2 beautiful dining rooms, a spa area, a gym, and a hot tub. The luxury yacht also has nine staterooms with a capacity of 18 guests, ensuring a private, exclusive journey.

As with other places in South America, Costa Rica is an unexplored beauty waiting to be discovered and to present to those who visit the Island all of its biodiversity, incredible landscapes, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences. If you want more information, don't hesitate to contact us or visit our website.

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