The Lost City

Colombia's Lost City: A Journey Through Time

The Lost City in Colombia, a hidden gem constructed around 800 A.D! Consider this article your personal guide to unlocking its secrets, leading you through South America jungles and mountains on a journey that promises wonders at every turn.

What is the Lost City?

The Lost City, or “Ciudad Perdida” in Spanish, is an ancient city nestled deep within Colombia's Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta mountains. It 's a breathtaking archaeological site that dates back to around 800 A.D., even older than Machu Picchu!

How to Get to the Lost City

Getting to the Lost City is an adventure by itself. You'll hike through dense jungles and climb ancient steps, all with a story to tell.

Trekking through the Sierra Nevada mountains

We pack our bags and set off on an adventure through the Sierra Nevada mountains, ready to find Colombia's Lost City. The journey is tough but thrilling, with paths winding through dense jungle and up steep hills.

Along the way, we catch glimpses of rare birds and maybe even a monkey or two swinging from the trees. This trek isn't just about endurance; it’s a chance to connect deeply with nature in one of its most untouched forms.

We make sure to tread lightly, respecting the ancient land that holds secrets from a time long past.

Connecting with descendants of the Tairona civilization

On our journey to the Lost City, we get a rare chance to meet the descendants of the Tairona civilization. These are the people whose ancestors built this amazing ancient city deep in the Sierra Nevada mountains.

They share stories of their rich history and show us how they live today, keeping their traditions alive. It's like stepping into a living museum where every story and thing has a direct link to the past.

They guide us through pathways that have been used for centuries, showing plants and trees that play a big role in their daily life and culture. It's not just about seeing the site; it's about experiencing what life was like for the Tairona people.

Discovering the magic of the jungle

After meeting the descendants of the Tairona civilization, we step deeper into our adventure, feeling the magic of the jungle around us. The way ahead is dense with trees and full of sounds from animals we can't see but know are there—this is what exploring Colombia's Lost City trek feels like.

It's more than just a walk; it's a journey through a living museum that breathes life with every step we take.

The air feels thicker as we move under canopies so green and lush you'd think they were painted on. Streams that criss cross our path become our rest stops, where we cool our feet and listen to water running over stones like it has for centuries.

All around us, ancient ruins wait silently for us to discover them, hidden by leaves and time. This place tells stories not only in its structures but also in every plant and creature that calls it home.

Lost City | Colombia
Photo: Joerg Steber

Is It Worth It?

Is It Worth It?: Absolutely, the trek to Colombia's Lost City is an epic journey through time and nature that you'll never forget.

What to expect on the trek

The trek to Colombia's Lost City takes us through the lush jungle of the Sierra Nevada mountains. It's a challenging adventure, not for the faint of heart. We'll hike up steep paths, cross cool rivers, and climb ancient stone steps.

At night, we camp under the stars surrounded by the sounds of wildlife.

The Lost City itself is breathtaking - it shows us how skilled its builders were long ago. So, we walk where they walked, feeling like time travelers discovering secrets from the past.

Factors to consider before embarking on the journey

We need to think about a few key things before we start our adventure to Colombia's Lost City. First, the journey is tough. It takes us through thick jungle and up steep mountains in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

We must be ready for this physical challenge. It's also wise to check the weather; rain can make trails slippery and harder to walk on.

Walking through Colombia's Lost City and standing among ancient ruins that have seen centuries pass by puts everything into perspective. It's not just about the journey or even the destination; it's about connecting with a rich past.