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Galapagos Private Charters

One of the best way to make your Galapagos Journey an unforgettable and me memorable one is by chartering a small yacht or catamaran to share a more intimate and adventure-filled program with your Family and Friends.

The experience of taking a charter cruise on board a luxury yacht or catamaran will truly bring your Galapagos experience to a greater level of comfort as yourself. Chartering allows you to personalize your trip precisely the way you want it.

The trip is designed to cater your and your companions’ preferences. Our exclusive yacht selection are popular for multi-generational families, friends, schools or business associates for the experience of a lifetime in the enchanted Galapagos.

We at VOYAGERS TRAVEL are specialists in arranging charter cruises with add-on services and tour extensions to discover the marvels that Ecuador has to offer!

Special Services & Add-Ons

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  • Additional Guide if requested.
  • Special menu or food requirements.
  • Beverages & drinks packages.
  • Nanny services for children on board.
  • Special occasion / celebration arrangements.
  • Concierge services for group.
  • Tour extensions on Mainland & Galapagos.
  • Complete equipment for activities while cruising.
  • En-suite arrangements for couples.
  • Luxury Boutique-hotel charter in Quito.
  • Bilingual Tour-Leader if required.
  • Social areas adaptation to group’s needs.
  • Multilingual Guide.
  • Additional Chef for specific needs.
  • Nursery services for senior guests.


   Personalized services from arrival to Ecuador to the end of the tour.
   Special discounts on prices when booking a charter cruise.
   You can plan and enhance the experience by having add-ons services to your customized charter cruise.
  Experienced private guide and Staff on board that will make sure you live the most wonderful experience with your loved ones.
  Flexibility in the pace of each excursion and visit.
  Carefully designed program by experienced Staff to fully suit your needs and preferences.
  Complete control on cabin assignment and distribution on board.
  Special attention to children, diet restrictions and medical conditions.

Galapagos Island Penguin
Galapagos Cruise Alya

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