Western Islands Galapagos Catamaran Cruise 8 day route - Seaman Journey Catamaran

Western Islands Galapagos Catamaran Cruise 8 day route - Seaman Journey Catamaran | Seaman Journey | Galapagos Tours Western Islands Galapagos Catamaran Cruise 8 day route - Seaman Journey Catamaran | Seaman Journey | Galapagos Tours

Embark on an Unforgettable 8-Day Western Islands Galapagos

Embark on an unforgettable adventure with our 8-day Western Islands Galapagos Catamaran Cruise aboard the Seaman Journey Catamaran. Set sail on a luxurious First Class Catamaran as you explore the captivating Galapagos Islands. Immerse yourself in the enchanting beauty of this unique ecosystem while encountering magnificent endemic wildlife, including Flightless Cormorants, Galapagos Penguins, and Marine Iguanas.

Experience the Galapagos like never before as you traverse from the Central Islands to the stunning Western Island area. Discover pristine sandy beaches that beckon you to relax and enjoy the serenity of this natural paradise. Dive into the crystal-clear waters for unparalleled snorkeling and kayaking adventures, allowing you to get up close to the vibrant marine life that inhabits these waters.

The Seaman Journey Catamaran is your gateway to an extraordinary cruise experience. With a commitment to high-touch service, our cruise offers the perfect blend of comfort and adventure. Indulge in fine dining while soaking in the breathtaking views of the archipelago.

Unveil the magic of the Galapagos with our liveaboard exploration tours. Join us on board the Seaman Journey for an exceptional journey that combines luxury, wildlife, and exploration, all in one incredible package. Your dream Galapagos adventure starts here.

Day by day

Embark on your extraordinary Galapagos catamaran tour by starting your journey from Quito, Ecuador. A flight to the Enchanted Isles Will unveil the wonders of this unique archipelago. Please note, a migration control card fee of 20 USD is required as per the Galapagos Government regulations. Your 2 ½ hour flight, including a brief stop at Guayaquil if you are traveling from Quito, will transport you to this ecological haven.

Upon reaching Santa Cruz Island, passengers are guided through an inspection point at the airport, ensuring the protection of the islands from foreign plants or animals. Additionally, this inspection point serves as the entry point to the Galapagos National Park, where fees apply: $100 for Adult Passengers and $50 for Children (under 12 years old).

Your dedicated guide will be on hand to assist you, taking charge of your luggage as you board a bus headed for the ferries to cross the scenic Itabaca Channel. Another bus journey awaits, transporting you to the Ranch Manzanillo for your first enriching activity. Prepare for comfort with suitable walking shoes, lightweight attire, waterproof jackets, sunblock, cameras, and repellents. A delightful picnic lunch and a brief walk precede your transfer to the Motor Catamaran. Adherence to these instructions is vital to ensure the smooth progression of this meticulously crafted itinerary. Kindly note that your luggage will be seamlessly transferred to your cabin on board..

In the afternoon, immerse yourself in the captivating landscapes of Santa Cruz Highlands. Your expedition into the island’s heart will expose you to its diverse ecosystems and geological marvels. Traverse the island from the coast, ascending from Puerto Ayora through fertile agricultural terrains and mist-draped forests. Santa Cruz Island boasts an array of life zones, creating a haven for an array of bird species. Be enchanted by the vivid plumage of a vermillion flycatcher or the charming presence of Darwin’s Finch. These vibrant creatures epitomize the Galapagos' unique biodiversity.

Santa Cruz Island's highlands are a sanctuary for observing the famed Galapagos Tortoises in their natural habitat. Yet, the highlands are not solely about these majestic creatures. Delve into a world of exploration as you venture through lava tubes, sinkholes, and craters that lay hidden within this captivating terrain. Having experienced the island's wonders, your journey continues aboard the M / C Seaman Journey, promising further discoveries.

Embark on your Galapagos voyage with us, combining luxury, adventure, and preservation in perfect harmony.

AM: Discovering Mangle Point

Embark on an extraordinary morning adventure as your crew takes you to the remarkable Mangle Point off the eastern coast of Fernandina Island. This site promises an exceptional snorkeling experience, coupled with the beauty of riding through a grove of mangrove trees aboard a panga or zodiac. A leisurely hike of approximately 1/2 mile is also available, ensuring you connect with the islands’ wonders on foot. As you explore, prepare to be greeted by a plethora of mesmerizing marine life, including sea lions, tortoises, pelicans, rays, and a diverse array of birds that paint the skies with their vibrant hues.

PM: Unveiling the Splendor of Moreno Point

Your journey continues in the afternoon at the captivating Moreno Point, nestled along the north coast of Isabela Island. Situated between the iconic volcanoes Sierra Negra and Cerro Azul, this location boasts a remarkable lava flow formation known as Pahoehoe. This solidified lava, corrugated like an accordion, leads to a complex of coastal lagoons, where a rich variety of bird species thrive. The harmony between the tranquil lakes and lush mangroves creates a perfect habitat for these avian inhabitants.

Indulge in the harmony of the Galapagos Islands' natural rhythms as you embrace the wonders of Moreno Point. Your voyage aboard our luxurious catamaran opens the door to these extraordinary experiences, where adventure, relaxation, and ecological reverence seamlessly converge.

B/L/D: Savor Gourmet Delights

Nourish your senses with delectable cuisine as you relish gourmet meals provided on board your catamaran. Each culinary masterpiece complements your day of exploration 

AM: Enchanting Urbina Bay Experience

Embark on an exciting morning as your Galapagos catamaran cruise takes you to the captivating Urbina Bay on Isabela Island. Situated at the base of the majestic Alcedo Volcano, this pristine location resides on the island's west coast, nestled between the iconic Tagus Cove and Elizabeth Bay. A fascinating geological event in 1954 caused a significant uplift, raising the land by over 16 feet and expanding the coastline by half a mile. This uplift left behind a unique landscape, a testament to nature's power.

Urbina Bay is not only a feast for the eyes but also a haven for underwater exploration. Its inviting waters beckon snorkelers to dive into an underwater wonderland. The bay's path begins with a wet landing, leading you along a 3200-meter course that weaves through diverse terrain comprising sand, pumice, lava, coral, and lush vegetation. Keep a keen eye out for the burrows of iguanas, and be prepared to witness the vibrant marine life, including the captivating red and blue lobsters.

Within the captivating realm of Bahia Urbina, a diverse array of birdlife thrives, including the iconic Darwin's finches. Yet, the true stars of this area are the land iguanas, boasting impressive size compared to other islands, and Galapagos tortoises that occasionally grace the terrain, even beyond their usual seasonal appearances.

Be immersed in a sea of vivid vegetation, including the charming chamomile and the elegant Rosewood. Amidst this green tapestry, the remarkable cotton Darwin flowers bloom, paying homage to the unique and endemic flora of the Galapagos Islands.

PM: Unveiling the Mystique of Tagus Cove

Your afternoon unfolds at the alluring Tagus Cove, an enchanting destination located to the west of the formidable Darwin Volcano on Isabela Island. Historically significant as a favored haunt for pirates and whalers, Tagus Cove bears witness to their legacy through inscriptions dating back to the 1800s. This tradition lends an air of mystique to the area, inviting you to step back in time.

Named after a British warship that ventured through the archipelago in 1814, Tagus Cove's rich history unfolds against a backdrop of volcanic rocks in various shapes and sizes. The substrate, shaped by past eruptions, boasts captivating features such as petrified rain, represented by spherical lapilli.

Indulge in the treasures of Tagus Cove, where history and geology converge in a symphony of awe-inspiring beauty. 

B/L/D: Delight in Culinary Excellence

As the sun dips below the horizon, the culinary journey continues aboard the Seaman Journey. Relish the exquisite flavors of gourmet dishes meticulously prepared to elevate your senses.

AM: Marvels at Espinoza Point

Embark on a captivating morning adventure as your Galapagos catamaran brings you to the renowned Espinoza Point on Fernandina Island. This iconic destination is celebrated for its sprawling colonies of marine iguanas, creating a mesmerizing tableau against the backdrop of the Galapagos landscape. The unique ecosystem of this point is also home to rare and distinctive species, including the flightless cormorant, the charismatic Galapagos penguin, the majestic Galapagos hawk, and the enigmatic Galapagos snake.

PM: Majestic Vista of Vicente Roca Point

As the sun moves higher in the sky, your journey continues to the awe-inspiring Vicente Roca Point on Isabela Island. This visitor site stands as one of the most breathtaking and captivating locales in the Galapagos Islands. Adorned with towering cliffs, rugged tuffstone formations, and the remnants of ash and lava flows, Punta Vicente Roca exudes an air of grandeur that ignites the imagination.

Situated on the northwestern coast of Isabela Island, Punta Vicente Roca is distinguished by its dual islets that stand as sentinels at the entrance of a vast and splendid bay. This bay is a sanctuary of vibrant marine life, inviting you to witness its underwater wonders. Delight in the mesmerizing dance of seahorses, encounter graceful sea turtles, and be captivated by the peculiar yet fascinating Mola-mola, also known as the sunfish. The waters of this bay provide an idyllic setting for engaging in a Panga Ride and Snorkeling, offering you an intimate encounter with the marine treasures that call these pristine waters home.

A symphony of life unfolds before your eyes, as you witness the playful antics of penguins, the captivating dance of Blue-footed boobies, the graceful flight of terns, and the commanding presence of sea lions. Immerse yourself in the tranquil world beneath the waves, where snorkeling unveils a tapestry of sea turtles, stingrays, and vibrant puffer fishes.

B/L/D: Culinary Delights Await

AM: Espumilla Beach - Natural Beauty Unveiled

Your Galapagos catamaran cruise brings you to the pristine shores of Espumilla Beach, nestled along the northern coast of Santiago Island in the enchanting James Bay. This coastal gem offers a glimpse into the dynamic evolution of the Galapagos archipelago. During the recent presence of the El Niño phenomenon, the lagoons of Espumilla Beach experienced a transformative process of sedimentation. This phenomenon led to the temporary disappearance of a representative colony of flamingos, a testament to the delicate balance of life in this unique ecosystem.

The allure of Espumilla Beach extends beyond its shores. Explore the enchanting palo santo forest, where the aromatic essence of the trees mingles with the salty breeze, creating an atmosphere of tranquility and wonder. Witness the captivating nesting rituals of baby turtles, a poignant symbol of the cycle of life that thrives in these pristine surroundings. As you tread softly on the sands of Espumilla Beach, immerse yourself in the unspoiled beauty that has been preserved for generations to come.

PM: Puerto Egas - A Glimpse into the Past

Venture into the captivating world of Puerto Egas, a unique black beach that graces the western side of Santiago Island. This beach is not only a testament to the raw beauty of the Galapagos but also a window into its storied past. The volcanic tuff deposits that define this shoreline have contributed to the formation of the distinct black sand beach, a stark and captivating contrast to the azure waters that kiss its edges.

Puerto Egas bears its name from a bygone era when an ambitious attempt was made to exploit the salt reserves found on the island. However, the endeavor was short-lived, as the price of salt on the mainland rendered the project financially unsustainable. As you wander through the remnants of this abandoned infrastructure, you will uncover echoes of history intertwined with the natural wonders of the Galapagos. The flavors of your evening meal mirror the diverse experiences you've embraced throughout the day. Amidst the camaraderie of fellow adventurers and the gentle rhythm of the waves, you'll find yourself immersed in the essence of the Galapagos, where every moment is a treasure waiting to be discovered.

AM: Rabida Island - A Palette of Natural Wonders

Embark on a captivating morning adventure as your Galapagos catamaran cruise takes you to the unique landscape of Rabida Island. The island's distinctive red hues, emanating from the rich volcanic material that characterizes its rocks and sands, create a mesmerizing tapestry that sets Rabida apart. The island's porous volcanic composition, combined with the transformative forces of rain, salty water, and sea breeze, has resulted in a breathtaking display of oxidized red shades making the beach red.

As you step onto the island, a brief stroll along a scenic trail unveils a hidden coastal lagoon nestled behind the captivating beach. This serene lagoon provides an ideal vantage point to observe the island's avian inhabitants. Watch in awe as finches, doves, yellow warblers, and mockingbirds grace the skies and branches, creating a harmonious symphony of life. The lagoon itself serves as a sanctuary for a colony of graceful flamingos, their elegant presence adding a touch of ethereal beauty to the rugged landscape.

PM: Chinese Hat Islet - A Geological Marvel Beckons

Your journey continues to the enchanting Chinese Hat Islet, a petite gem measuring just 1 square kilometer, positioned off the southeastern tip of Santiago Island. This recent volcanic cone is a testament to the ever-evolving geology of the Galapagos archipelago. When viewed from the north, its distinctive shape bears a striking resemblance to a traditional Chinese hat, lending the islet its charming name.

The western expanse of Chinese Hat Islet reveals captivating lava formations, a testament to its tumultuous volcanic origins. These formations, born beneath the waves and subsequently thrust upwards, are adorned with intricate coral heads, an echo of the island's dynamic past. Delve into the fascinating world of geological evolution as you interpret the intricate features of lava tubes and lava flows, painting a vivid picture of the forces that have shaped this remarkable landscape.

Amidst the rugged terrain, vibrant colonies of sea lions and marine iguanas have found their haven, exemplifying the harmony between life and land in this extraordinary realm. Gaze in wonder at the charming Galapagos penguins, a reminder of the archipelago's unique biodiversity. Here, as the sun casts its golden hues upon the land and sea, you'll discover the intricate dance of life and geology that defines the Galapagos.


AM: Unveiling the Geological Wonders of Sullivan Bay

Set foot on the captivating Santiago Island, also known as James or San Salvador Island, nestled in the heart of the Galapagos archipelago. This island, the fourth largest among the archipelago's jewels, is a testament to the raw forces of nature that have shaped this pristine realm. Santiago Island, like its neighboring giants Isabela and Fernandina, is marked by its volcanic activity, boasting youthful flows and cones that dot its landscape, particularly along its south, west, and east coasts. Even the summit of Darwin Volcano and the expanse of space provide a canvas to witness the island's fiery history.

Historic eruptions, each a chapter in the island's dramatic narrative, have been recorded over the span of two centuries. Santiago Island's unique geography is a result of the union of two coalesced volcanoes: a majestic shield volcano gracing the northwest, and a linear fissure volcano adorning the southeast.

PM: Bartolome Island - A Vista of Unspoiled Beauty

As the sun paints the sky with its golden hues, your Galapagos catamaran cruise transports you to the breathtaking Bartolome Island, a jewel situated just across Sullivan Bay. At an altitude of 114 meters, this island unveils a vista that captures the essence of Galapagos beauty. Here, nature's artistry is showcased through a series of mesmerizing features, including volcanic cones, lunar-like craters, sprawling lava fields, and the iconic Toba pinnacle sculpted by the relentless embrace of the sea.

While vegetation is sparse on this island, its stark landscapes and pristine beaches are home to a thriving ecosystem. Witness the graceful marine turtles that grace its shores, their ancient rituals a testament to the unbroken connection between land and sea. At the base of the towering pinnacle, a small colony of Galapagos penguins finds its sanctuary, reminding us of the archipelago's unique inhabitants that have adapted to life in this dynamic realm.

AM: Bachas Beach - Nature's Canvas of Tranquility

As the sun graces the horizon, your liveaboard unveils the enchanting Bachas Beach, a gem nestled to the west of Turtle Cove. The sand beneath your feet is a mosaic of decomposed coral, gracing the shore in hues of pristine white. This soft expanse serves as a favored nesting sanctuary for the majestic sea turtles, a testament to the harmonious relationship between land and sea in the Galapagos.

Behind one of the beaches lies a small yet vibrant brackish water lagoon, where the dance of nature takes center stage. Here, lucky observers may catch glimpses of elegant flamingos and other coastal avian inhabitants, As the waves create a soothing symphony, nature's spectacle unfolds before your eyes, an awe-inspiring reminder of the archipelago's intricate ecosystems.

The other beach, slightly more expansive, holds secrets from history's annals. Two weathered barges, silent witnesses to the turbulence of the Second World War, now rest on the sands. During this period, the USA strategically utilized Baltra Island as a stronghold to protect the Panama Channel, leaving behind these vestiges of the past.

Farewell to the Galapagos - A Journey's End

With hearts filled with the memories of pristine shores, mesmerizing wildlife encounters, and boundless exploration, your journey through the Galapagos comes to a poignant close. As the morning's exploration concludes, your Catamaran chef ensures your comfort and transport to the airport, where your wings will carry you back to the mainland.

B/L/D: A Culinary Finale and Gratitude

As you savor your final culinary feast aboard your intimate cruiser, surrounded by fellow adventurers and the embrace of the sea, take a moment to reflect on the extraordinary journey you've experienced. 

Itinerary Map

Western Islands Galapagos Catamaran Cruise 8 day route - Seaman Journey Catamaran | Galapagos Map


  • All programed visits as per itinerary with specialized naturalist bilingual guide
  • Accommodation in twin/double cabin with private facilities (surcharge for suite)
  • All meals on board, drinking purified water, coffee and tea
  • Snorkeling equipment (fins, mask & snorkel) & sea-kayaks
  • Transfers within the islands on cruise dates as per itinerary
  • Personalized 24/7 assistance during tour

Does not Include

  • Airfare to/from Galapagos from/to Mainland Ecuador (to be added)
  • Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee US$100 per person (in cash only upon arrival)
  • Galapagos Migration Card US$20 in cash per person (at Mainland’s Airport)
  • Alcoholic/soft drinks, personal expenses, extras, and tips
  • All sizes wet-suits for rent on board (in cash)
  • Travel, medical & cancelation Insurance and any services on Mainland
  • Other services not specified in the program


  • Swim with Penguins and Playful Sea-Lions
  • Unwind and Bond
  • Discover Enigmatic Land Iguanas
  • Galapagos Tortoises at Santa Cruz Highlands
  • Encounter the Flightless Cormorant
Bahía Urbina | Pelica | Galapagos Islands
Playa Las Bachas | Sea turtle | Galapagos Islands
Playa Espumilla | Galapagos Islands
Puerto Egas | Marine Iguana | Red Crab | Galapagos Islands


Friendly and Professional
- Michael Pupcheck
We loved our experience traveling on board the Seaman Journey. The ship was nice and very comfortable to stay, the common areas were perfect spaces to enjoy the views and the weather. Everybody was friendly and nice to talk with, the crew provided a remarkable service and are ready to help. Meals were offered on time and they were actually really good, we noticed they accommodate to special diet requirements too. An unforgettable experience in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Thanks Seaman’s team!
I'll definitely recommend this cruise
- Laurel & Derek
My husband and I loved our 8 day/7 night cruise. We chose a catamaran as they’re more stable than single hull yachts, although the seas are calmer and warmer from December to March. Nature doesn’t always cooperate but we experienced everything we wanted and more. Glad that the yacht owner, hires all staff from the Galapagos Islands. Our guide Enrique was very knowledgeable and passionate about the area, all staff were highly competent, safety conscious and fun. Will definitely recommend this cruise to others.
We loved the excursions
- Rain Mckay
Everything aboard the Seaman Journey was exceptional: and so were the excursions off of the ship. I will definitely use it again for another trip in the near future. I want to come back to Galapagos, it is definitely the best place ever
A great ship
- Kimberley Chelsea
Seaman Journey was a great ship to travel with. Easy & quick to book, very hard to beat communication skills when it came to communicating about the pre-trip info, and all our inquiries were addressed in a timely manner
Western Islands Galapagos Catamaran Cruise 8 day route - Seaman Journey Catamaran
8 Days (C)
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