Golden Bay Hotel

San Cristobal Island
Luxury Class Hotel

Golden Bay Hotel
Golden Bay Hotel
Golden Bay Hotel
Golden Bay Hotel
Golden Bay Hotel
Golden Bay Hotel

The 21-Room Golden Bay Hotel & Spa was designed and conceived to offer its guests an unparalleled level of comfort and world-class service in the strikingly beautiful and unique Galapagos Islands. The Hotel fuses its luxury status with the environmental demands of the “Enchanted Archipelago”. The architectonic design combines modernity with the natural surroundings. The Golden Bay Hotel was also designed to integrate its hometown’s emblematic “Playa de Oro” to the architectonic complex and to enhance the natural beauty of the bay, the port, the town and the dramatic backdrop of San Cristobal Island’s green hillsides.

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The Hotel seeks to provide much more than a superior lodging option: the mission is to deliver guests an unforgettable and outstanding Hotel Experience created to enhance the already fabulous experience of visiting Galapagos.
The GOLDEN BAY HOTEL & SPA is shown in 2016 as the hotel with the best quality and optimal customer service of the city of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno. It aims to get to the end of the seventh operating year an occupation of 70% of its installed hotel capacity, contributing to the development of tourism in San Cristobal, its shareholders, and employees.
Offer top quality hotel services, seeking the satisfaction and long-term loyalty of its customers, Ecuadorians, and foreigners.

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Golden Bay Hotel
From USD  386 per person

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June 1, 2018