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Raqchi | Peru
We  pick you up at your hotel and then we will walk towards our destination where we will be welcomed with music, songs and local dances. Afterwards we assist to the educational workshop about pottery. Later on, we continue with a visit guided to the Wiracocha Temple (archaeological site in Raqchi) and the tourist viewpoint of the community. Eventually, we celebrate a traditional ritual as an act of gratitude to Pachamama, which is Mother Earth. Also we will learn why the residents of this community engage on this particular activity. During the evening we will gather around a danceable bonfire and witness a mystic event along with the families of the community. The families members dress a typical costume for this occasion in honor to APUS and Pachamama. It´s important to mention that on this itinerary we visit the Kinasachata volcano, and proceed with another ritual as an act of gratitude to APU Kinasachata.
Cusco | Peru
We pick you up at your hotel and then we continued to walk to the community where a charming welcome with music, songs, flowers are waiting for us, as well as drink samples of Mate de Muña and aromatic herbs to taste. Then, we choose a visitor of our group who will engage in the role of being the Chaskiq (The messenger). The rest of the group will follow him/ her in order to give the Khipu as a gift at the archeological site of Aya Urqu. Also, at this archeological site we will visit the cave of SutuqMach´ay. Later on, a brief lecture would be given in order to learn more about the native plants and medicinal plants. Afterwards, we interact at the archeological site SutuqMach’ay  by doing the Condor Dancing. The dance is guided by two local experts who would surround us with ancient spirituality of the Incas. Then we proceed with a meaningful ceremony to the land. Finally we will observe the variety of crafts available in the community. Among them, the Chuspa woven wool sheep, which is found on small bags or piece of clothes colored by a liquid substance provided by  native plants and has traditional iconographic images of the community.
Cusco | Peru
We  pick you up at your hotel and then we will walk towards our destination where we will be welcomed with music, songs and local authorities of the community ParuParu. Among the activities, we would have a brief lecture about “The Potato Park” or Parque de La Papa as a subject of the indigenous Bio-cultural heritage. On the lecture we will learn about the strategies in regards to the conservation of the “native potato”. Then, we will eat some potatoes with Peruvian hot sauce and  cheese cooked by the group of culinary art called “QachumWaqachi”. Keeping up with the journey, we visit the sacred lake of KinsaQocha where celebrations become popular at the QochaRaymi during the month of May. At QochaRaymi we can watch the landscape and the agricultural work about the diversity of native potatoes used in the traditional Andean cuisine. Then , we continue to the community of Sacaca, where we learn about the culinary botanic gardens and their use in the Andean cuisine. Afterwards, we continue to the Chawaytire community where we are witness of the local traditions, knowledge, and culinary creativity in “The Potato Park”. Eventually, we will have a traditional lunch at the Papamanka restaurant. During this time we will be accompanied by guides and local translators.
Cuyuni | Pweu
We  start the journey from the hotel and then, we continue towards the tourist attraction where we are going to be welcome by a musical band in the Abra Cuyuni. Then, we engage in a mythical ritual. The ritual is an act of thankfulness to the land of the Apus and Pachamama. Among the activities, we observe a demonstration of agriculture activities such as the harvest of the land, selection of potatoes, the llamas carrying potatoes bags, and stocking of potatoes and more. Later on, we continue our journey accompanied by local guides and translators, where we are going to be invited to taste “Huatita Andina”, which is a cooked potato with local hot sauce and cheese. Also, the itinerary includes a demonstration of handmade traditional weaving and dyeing, as well as participating in the Llama fest known as “Llama Pilluy”. The Llama Pilluy is a ceremony to the Alfa male of the Llamas, which are considered the camels of South-America. We continue our visit to a local handcraft store in the community to get some souvenirs. Then, we enjoy a delicious buffet Novo-Andino (Neo-Andean)in the restaurant Mirador de Cuyuni along with hot drinks. The distance from Cusco to Urcos is about 70 km (1.5 hour by car). The distance from Urcos to Cuyuni is about 22 km (30 minutes by car). The visits to these places are available the year around, with 2 weeks in advance about the coordination.
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  • Share the customs of Raqui Indigenous Community.
  • A real and lively Andean Communal experience.
  • Take active participation of the ancestral “Condor Dance” with the locals.
  • Traditional agriculture, craftsmanship, fresh-delicious food awaits for you.


  • All tours and excursions specified with licensed bilingual guide & transportation.
  • Transfers to/from Airport and others where detailed.
  • Accommodation on selected hotel (category) with Breakfast
  • Entrance fees to visited sites.
  • 24/ assistance when on tour.

Does not Include

  • International and domestic flights in Peru.
  • Lunch and Dinner where not specified.
  • Additional entrance fee, tours & sightseeing besides mentioned.
  • Personal expenses, extras, tips and drinks.
  • Other services not specified in the program.
  • Travel, medical and cancelation insurance.
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