Itinerary Ideas

Customizable Argentina vacation packages for solo travelers, couples, and families

Here is our top list of ideas for exploring the main visitor attractions in Argentina.

1. Solo Explorer: Guided city tour exploring historic neighborhoods and iconic landmarks

Buenos Aires Urban Adventure:

  • Tango lesson and immersive cultural experience in a traditional milonga.
  • Solo-friendly excursions to local cafes, museums, and hidden gems.

Patagonian Wilderness Escape:

Tailor this package to your preferences with optional add-ons like a wine-tasting tour or a hot air balloon ride over the Andes.

2. Romantic Retreat for Couples

Buenos Aires Romance:

  • Private tango dance class for you and your partner.
  • Romantic dinner in a traditional Argentine restaurant with live music.
  • Sunset stroll in the charming neighborhood of San Telmo.

Wine Country Getaway:

  • Private wine tour in Mendoza's renowned vineyards.
  • Couples spa day with wine-infused treatments.
  • Scenic hot air balloon ride over the vineyard landscapes.

Bariloche Lakeside Serenity:

  • Private boat tour on Lake Nahuel Huapi.
  • Romantic horseback ride through the Andean foothills.
  • Relaxing spa day with panoramic views of the surrounding lakes.

Enhance your romantic escape with optional experiences like a private cooking class or a secluded picnic in the Patagonian wilderness.

3. Family Adventure Extravaganza

Buenos Aires Family Fun:

  • Family-friendly city tour with interactive activities for children.
  • Visit to the kid-friendly Museo de los Niños.
  • Bicycle tour of Buenos Aires' parks and green spaces.

Iguazu Falls Family Expedition:

  • Guided exploration of the falls with engaging educational components.
  • Jungle boat adventure for an immersive wildlife experience.
  • Family-oriented activities in the Iguazu National Park.

Patagonian Family Discovery:

  • Easy family-friendly hikes in the stunning landscapes of Patagonia.
  • Visit to a local estancia for a taste of gaucho life.
  • Boat tour suitable for all ages to marvel at glaciers and wildlife.

All ideas of travel packages can be customized based on your preferences, travel dates, and budget. Contact our travel experts to create your dream itinerary and make the most of your journey through Argentina.

1. Special honeymoon packages

Private Tango Lessons:

  • Exclusive tango lessons for the two of you in Buenos Aires, the birthplace of tango.
  • Romantic evening at a traditional milonga with live music and dance.

Helicopter Ride Over the City:

  • Soar above the city's iconic landmarks and enjoy a panoramic view of Buenos Aires.
  • Champagne toast during the scenic helicopter ride.

Candlelit Dinner in Puerto Madero:

  • Indulge in a gourmet candlelit dinner by the waterfront in Puerto Madero.
  • Personalized chef's menu featuring Argentine culinary delights.

Enhance your Buenos Aires experience with optional spa treatments, a private yacht cruise, or a hot air balloon ride.

2. Wine Country Romance in Mendoza

Private Vineyard Retreat:

  • Stay in a luxurious vineyard retreat in the heart of Mendoza's wine country.
  • Exclusive wine tasting with a sommelier in the privacy of your accommodation.

Hot Air Balloon Ride at Sunrise:

  • Soar above the vineyards at sunrise in a hot air balloon.
  • Champagne breakfast upon landing with a view of the Andes.

Private Spa Evening for Two:

  • Enjoy a romantic evening at a private spa with couples' treatments.
  • Candlelit dinner featuring local wines and delicacies.

Make your Mendoza honeymoon extra special with optional experiences like a horse-drawn carriage ride or a private cooking class.

3. Patagonian Serenity

Private Cabin by the Lake:

  • Stay in a secluded cabin overlooking the pristine lakes of Patagonia.
  • Bonfire evenings with stargazing and cozy blankets.

Boat Excursion to Glaciers:

  • Private boat tour to witness the stunning Perito Moreno Glacier.
  • Champagne on board as you marvel at the icy landscapes.

Romantic Horseback Ride in Bariloche: 

  • Explore the Andean foothills on a private horseback ride for two.
  • Picnic lunch with breathtaking views of the surrounding lakes.

Add an extra touch to your Patagonian escape with optional experiences like a private photography session or a secluded lakeside dinner.