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The Galapagos flamingo is one of the most vibrantly pink tinted flamingos in the globe. Although, the Galapagos flamingo populace is modest in numbers, there is an excellent possibility to encounter them in the course of a Galapagos journey.

Keep reading to get more information regarding the Galapagos flamingo. Where and when can you see them? Plus stacks of various other exciting flamingo truths.


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Preservation Condition: Lowest Problem

Taxonomic Name: Phoenicopterus Ruber

Just how To Find A Galapagos Flamingo?

The Galapagos flamingo populace is little in numbers, no more than a couple hundred creatures. The great information is that their place is fairly foreseeable, as they court, nest and feed at really distinct Galapagos tourist sites.

Galapagos travelers are familiar to gentle animals that present no concern around human beings. Flamingos are in fact completely reluctant, so you'll require to maintain a good distance and also be as quiet as possible.

WHERE to see Flamingos in Galapagos?

Galapagos boat trip schedules see the listed places that are frequently dwelled by flamingos: Rabida island, Punta Cormorant (Floreana), Punta Moreno (Isabela), Las Bachas (Santa Cruz), and also Puerto Egas (Santiago).

It's additionally likely to spot flamingos on a Galapagos hotel based excursion near Puerto Villamil community on Isabela archipelago.

WHEN to encounter them?

Flamingos may be spotted any time of the year in Galapagos. To witness flamingo courting display and also hatchlings, the most ideal period to travel is in the course of the breeding period from March to July.

Every little thing You Wanted To Understand About Galapagos Flamingos

Galapagos Flamingo Aesthetics – They are easy on the eyes

Flamingo | Galapagos islandsFlamingos are certainly among the most obvious creatures to acknowledge on earth. The deep pink colors, extensive lower limbs and throat, as well as their enviously pretty activities, make them apparent. Galapagos flamingos are particularly excellent for their pink colors; more vibrant than flamingos in North America and also various other areas of the globe.

The Galapagos flamingo is in fact an American (or Caribbean) Flamingo. American flamingos reproduce at the Galapagos isles and also in the Caribbean, however at Galapagos they have actually created some hereditary distinctions.

Fresh hatched out Galapagos flamingo offspring are gray/white in pigmentation, with silky plumes and also crimson bills. Their light colored feathers will likely start to convert pinkish from about 2 years of age.


Galapagos Flamingo Ecosystem

Galapagos Flamingos reproduce and also live in briny basins and also tidal ponds. Flamingos like to hang out in surface water, the place they can quickly wade for a meal and also nest.


Galapagos Flamingo Etiquette

Throughout mating period Galapagos flamingos execute a stunning and also intricate breeding ritual. Various other flamingo pairs additionally take part in these screens, nearly like a ballet ensemble, an entire team joins the ceremony. All of this excitement is also rewarding as Galapagos flamingo pairs mate for life.

Flamingo lairs are created from soil, straw, rocks as well as plumes. This sadly turns Galapagos flamingo nests particularly susceptible to predator pests such as pigs, feral goats, canines or felines.

Recently hatched offspring depart the roost early, and follow various other juveniles forming small groups. A little team of grown-up birds remain on guard responsibility throughhout the day. Both flamingo parents supply milk, and also nurse their infant chicks for approximately 2 months following nativity.


galapagos in march - flamingo hatchlings on Isabela archipelago


Galapagos Flamingo Food Habits

Galapagos flamingos consume a diverse diet of shellfishes, mollusks, worms, mosquitos, vegetable substance, algae as well as seeds that they locate in briny lagunes

Extremely uncomfortable, flamingos can just consume food with their head upside down! To feed they initially relocate their feet about to agitate the water, bringing up product that can be food.

The more a flamingo eats, the much more extreme the color of pink that they end up being. The Galapagos archipelago waters are specifically abundant in nutrients, for this reason the vivid pink shade of the Galapagos flamingo.

Intriguing Galapagos Flamingo Details

- Flamingos spanning the globe are well-known for remaining still for extended periods of time on solely one limb. Although this might appear rather unbearable to people, it is really a soothing posture for the Galapagos Flamingo. It's additionally successful in using less vitality, as well as decreasing heart rate and physical effort.

- The flamingo holds the greatest neck as well as legs in regard to its anatomy dimension of any type of bird in the world.

- Chilean Flamingos have actually been detected at Floreana isle Galapagos. Just starting a few years back there have actually been numerous unusual discoveries of Chilean Flamingos at Punta Cormorant on Floreana Isle. The Chilean Flamingo is larger and also less colorful than it's American counterpart, yet is not generally recognized to move as far away as the Galapagos archipelago.

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In the end, the Galapagos Flamingo is an unforeseen as well as fantastic reward for Galapagos tourists.

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