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We provide polar expeditions in small groups, emphasizing maximum adventure at minimal costs. Our focus is not on extravagance but on delivering guests the most immediate Antarctic experience money can offer.

As evidence, consider these three exceptional upcoming programs:

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Basecamp Antarctica


Maximum adventure, minimum price

The Basecamp Antarctica cruises are designed for active travelers who want to experience Antarctica not just through seeing and hearing, but doing.

Featuring multiple exhilarating activities included in the price of booking, no other program dives into the active side of  Antarctica.

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The following activities must be pre-booked but are all included, free of charge:



For the true polar adventurer, we offer an exciting open-air camping activity that gives your travelers the chance to experience the Antarctic wilderness as few have.





Glide over the Antarctic waters under the power of your own paddle, enjoying the surreal peace and visually stunning surroundings only the polar regions can offer.





Divided into hiking groups that range from easy to vigorous, this activity lets your clients explore Antarctica’s shores and inlands in the most close-contact way possible.





Similar to the hiking activity, this option allows guests to use snowshoes (which we provide) to experience areas otherwise inaccessible on foot.





Led by internationally certified mountain guides, this is a more strenuous activity for those who want to venture away from the lowland shores to higher vistas.

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Photo Workshop


Your travelers will learn to tailor their camera skills to the polar world in a course run by seasoned nature photographers, gaining tips on board they will practice in the field.

Antarctic photographer

Weddell Sea Emperor Penguins & Helicopters


Beyond experiencing the stunning wonders of the Weddell Sea's scenery and wildlife, participants will have the thrilling opportunity to take a helicopter flight to one of the Earth's largest and rarely visited penguin colonies.

Antarctica Discovery & Learning Voyage


For those seeking a classic Antarctic experience, exploration of the remote Shetland Islands (including Deception Island), and in-depth learning about these diverse ecosystems from expert expedition staff, this exceptional program offers berths at rates as low as 7900 USD.

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