Which type of boat?

It depends especially on the level of comfort and facilities on board you are looking for:

  • On board Luxury class yachts & vessels you can expect large cabin or suites with panoramic windows, suites with balconies, large lower beds, high-end amenities, exceptional cuisine, personalized services, VIP services, cruise director, spacious social areas, sun deck with Jacuzzi plus special treats to complement your trip.
  • On board First class yachts services are also quite personalized, large cabins with lower beds and large windows (some yachts have cabins with balcony), excellent cuisine, ample social areas, ample sun deck (some with Jacuzzi) plus complete amenities.
  • On board Midrange or Economy class yachts you can still expect good quality service from the crew and your guide, good meals (mostly small buffet), cabins regularly have bunk-beds and port-holes (upper decks offer cabins with windows), cozy and comfortable social areas and sun deck.