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Galapagos Luxury Cruises, What is luxury in the Islands?

For those who want a little bit of decadence and a huge helping of relaxation and style when taking their voyage to the Galapagos Islands, checking out the Galapagos Luxury Cruises available for your holiday is an absolute must. After each visit to the unique and beautiful islands which make up this remarkable archipelago, you’ll be able to unwind in the heights of luxury Galapagos cruises equipped with the latest in elegant fittings and amenities, and feel like royalty as you head off to another fascinating destination.

One of the highlights of traveling in one of the Galapagos Luxury Cruises is that you can simply see much more of this stunning part of the world. As many of the islands and parts of the archipelago are inaccessible by foot, you can take full advantage of the fact that your cruise vessel can easily travel between the islands, stopping at all the highlights and amazing visitor sites the islands have to offer. You’ll be able to get a much more personalized and intimate view of the archipelago both from land and from the sea and come away feeling inspired each evening, and waking up feeling utterly refreshed and eager to explore further, thanks to the comfortable and elegant cabin you’ve spent the night in.

Remember, the wildlife is the same regardless of the boat you choose, we have a selection of Galapagos expedtion ships and yachts in other categories.

All your needs catered for each of the luxury Galapagos cruises is fully equipped with everything you require to make your voyage a dream come true. If you want to catch a few rays and soak up the gorgeous equatorial sunshine whilst traveling you can make the most of the spacious sun decks on top of the boats. For food lovers, you will be amazed by the range and quality of the meals prepared by excellent onboard chefs, who are more than happy to meet your dietary requirements and please you with their unique creations. We aim to surpass international standards of comfort and security and can assure you that all your needs and requirements will be met when traveling on a Galapagos luxury cruise. The crew you’ll be traveling alongside will all be highly experienced and knowledgeable of the islands themselves and will be all to happy to help you organize and plan your adventurous excursions.

Each morning brings with it another adventure, and when travelling aboard one of the luxury yachts which expertly navigate their way around the Galapagos islands, you can start the day with a full, delicious breakfast in one of the beautifully designed, spacious social areas on board, whilst discussing your plans and discoveries with your fellow passengers.