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10 Winning Galapagos Cruise and Tour packages for 2019 –  2020

Discover the magic of the Galapagos by planning your trip with Voyagers Travel and experience a unique journey either cruising on board the best vessel, catamaran and sailing yachts or taking a land-based tour. We specialize in Luxury class cruises in the Islands and offer personalized and swift response to our Customers and always focusing on sustainable and responsible tourism to maintain the natural and untamed beauty of the Enchanted Islands.

10 Winning Galapagos Cruise and Tour packages for
2019 – 2020

Discover the magic of the Galapagos by planning your trip with Voyagers Travel and experience a unique journey either cruising on board the best vessel, catamaran and sailing yachts or taking a land-based tour. We specialize in Luxury class cruises in the Islands and offer personalized and swift response to our Customers and always focusing on sustainable and responsible tourism to maintain the natural and untamed beauty of the Enchanted Islands.

Adventure & Wildlife in the Western Galapagos Islands

Cruise the Galapagos Archipelago sailing a Luxury two-times World Travel Award Winner (2017-2018) Yacht and enjoy the diverse Wildlife and natural sceneries around the best sites of the Western Islands like Fernandina where you will see the incredible Flightless Cormorants, Marine Iguanas and Galapagos Penguins.

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Luxury Catamaran Southern Islands Cruise

Enjoy an amazing and complete Galapagos experience on board one of the most renowned Luxury class cruises sailing the Archipelago. You will enjoy 9 different Islands filled with wildlife during a fantastic 8-days cruise between the Central and Southern Islands, satisfaction is guaranteed.

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Deluxe Vessel North & West Islands Cruise

Imagine cruising the Enchanted Galapagos paradise on board an exclusive and luxurious Motor Vessel feeling the sea-breeze from an ample sun-deck enjoying the fantastic views of the Islands. Visit the must-see Genovesa Island during a short, yet fulfilling 8-days cruise to get a glance of the marvels that only Galapagos can offer.

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Galapagos in Style Yacht Adventure

Explore the Archipelago from North to South and discover why we refer to Galapagos as the enchanted Islands! Cruise comfortably on board one of the newest and most luxurious Yachts while enjoying the biodiversity of each site visited during this incredible 8-days venture.

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Luxury Genovesa and Central Islands Cruise

A breathtaking journey on board one of the newest high-end Luxury Motor-Yacht sailing the Archipelago to discover the marvels of Genovesa, Rabida and San Cristobal Islands. Quality services and personalized attention on board your yacht will definitely be the perfect complement to your Galapagos dream-holiday!

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Northern & Southern Islands Galapagos Catamaran Cruise

Cruise the enchanted Galapagos Islands on board a wonderful First Class Catamaran around the must-visit Northern and Southern Islands of the Archipelago spotting magnificent endemic Wildlife like Albatrosses, Land Iguanas, Red-footed Boobies, Tortoise Breeding Center and much more. Enjoy snorkeling and kayaking for a complete Galapagos experience.

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Deluxe Southern Islands Cruise Large Ship Voyage

A marvelous 5-days cruise on board one of the most luxurious and well-known Boats cruising the Galapagos today. Explore the Southern Islands and the best sites at Española and Floreana with amazing snorkeling opportunities and adventurous hikes to discover untamed and diverse Wildlife.

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Discover the Northern & Central Galapagos Islands

Cruise the Galapagos Archipelago sailing on board Luxury two-times World Travel Award Winner (2017-2018) Yacht and discover the magnificent variety of untamed Wildlife along the way, surrounded by amazing natural scenery that is complemented with the personalized service on board the Majestic Sea Star Journey for a complete memorable adventure.

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Western and Central Galapagos Paradise Loop

A breathtaking journey from the East to the Western Islands enjoying the sea-breeze while smoothly sailing on board your fantastic Luxury Catamaran. Explore the magic of Isabela and Fernandina by encircling them stopping on the most iconic and live-filled sites on the way. Truly a fantastic loop to enjoy the marvels on the Galapagos paradise!

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Educational 5-Days Boat Trip Galapagos Experience

Learning about the Archipelago’s biology and geology can be quite entertaining and enriching proposition as you will be hiking amongst dozens of endemic species of plants and animal, unique to the Galapagos. The Islands are on the very top edge of the Nazca Plate, which is slowly being subdued under the South American Continent.

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Tagus Cove Galapagos Islands

6 days – 5 nights

Sea Star Journey Cruise

Punta Suarez | Española Island | Galapagos Islands

8 days – 7 nights

Cormorant Cruise

Marine Iguana | Dragon Hill | Santa Cruz Island

8 days – 7 nights

Infinity Cruise

Our Galapagos Cruise Deals

Our Galapagos Cruise Deals

If you finally found the time to visit the Enchanted Galapagos in the next weeks or maybe within the next couple of months? Voyagers Travel has the most amazing deals and last-minute offers for incredible Naturalist and even diving cruises for your consideration to enjoy the most amazing and live-rewarding experience on board a magnificent cruising program with exceptionally affordable rates and add-ons included; here are some special deals for your journey:

Ship Dates Days / Nights Deal
LA PINTA Jul 18 – 22 5 days – 4 nights USD 2.149
ELITE Jul 23 – 27 5 days – 4 nights USD 2.839
SEA STAR Jul 23 – 28 6 days – 5 nights USD 3.399
SANTA CRUZ II Jul 26 – Aug 01 7 days – 6 nights USD 2.299
ELITE Jul 27 – Aug 03 8 days – 7 nights USD 4.699
TIP TOP II Jul 26 – Aug 02 8 days – 7 nights USD 3.379
SEAMAN Aug 05 – 09 5 days – 4 nights USD 2.929
ISABELLA II Aug 05 – 09 4 days – 3 nights USD 1.749
SEA STAR Aug 15 – 20 6 days – 5 nights USD 3.879
DAY TOUR KICKER ROCK Aug 06, 07, 08, 09 1 day USD 169
DAY TOUR ESPAÑOLA Aug 03, 10, 17, 24 1 day USD 279
DAY TOUR PIT POINT Aug 04, 11, 18, 25º 1 day USD 199

Do you have your own group?
Why not charter a yacht?

Are you planning a group-trip with your Family or Friends? Then why not consider charter your own cruise? The benefits of chartering a wonderful boat journey are many, including personalized attention throughout the trip, complete yacht’s areas at your disposal, services according to the group’s needs and special add-ons to complement the experience! Get more information here


From Jun 24 to Jun 28
5 days – 4 nights

USD 1.749

From Jun 27 to Jul 04
8 days – 7 nights

USD 2.299

From Jun 28 to Jul 05
8 days – 7 nights

USD 3.339

From Jul 05 to Jul 12
8 days – 7 nights

USD 3.379

From Jul 9 to Jul 14
6 days – 5 nights

USD 4.439

From Jul 12 to Jul 19
8 days – 7 nights

USD 4.899

From Jul 12 to Jul 18
7 days – 6 nights

USD 2.299

From Jul 18 to Jul 22
5 days – 4 nights

USD 2.149

From Jul 26 to Aug 01
7 days – 6 nights

USD 2.299

Jul 28 or Jul 30
1 day

USD 169

Augt 03 to Aug 10
1 day

USD 279

Aug 05 to Aug 12
1 day

USD 199

Latest News in Galapagos

Latest News in Galapagos

The Tip Top V, the band-new catamaran

A new and stylish catamaran soon to navigate the natural paradise with incredible itineraries and quality service on board.

Galapagos Tortoises

Want to know these amazing endemic, how they’re thriving and where to spot them in the Archipelago? We have the best first-hand details on this emblematic species.

New Hammerhead Shark Breeding Area Found

Amazing news for nature lovers! A new breeding site discovered of these incredible yet endangered shark specie in the Archipelago.

Endemic Galapagos Cruise Voyagers Travel

Among the most luxurious and sophisticated catamarans sailing the islands. Book it with us and receive incredible offers to enjoy a memorable experience!

Calipso First Class Galapagos Cruise

Carefully redesigned and refurbished first class yacht to offer guests outstanding comfort and incredible boat-trips for the eager explorer.

Land iguanas in Galapagos

Learn about the life-style of this incredibly well-adapted reptiles and the visitor sites to spot them in their natural habitat.

Cruises Categories

Luxury Cruises

Galapagos Luxury boat trips have everything you can imagine to make your journey, a comfortable and relaxing experience; choose between small 16-guests yachts/catamarans or large 50-100 guestsVessels.

Enjoy exclusive amenities on board, cabins with panoramic view private balconies, delightful cuisine, incredible ample social areas and amazing ample decks with Jacuzzi. For a more intimate experience, we recommended a yacht or catamaran but large vessels offer larger areas that may be ideal for families traveling with children.

Legend Galapagos Cruise

Land Based Vs Cruises

Although taking a trip to the Galapagos on board a expedition cruise is the most popular manner to enjoy the marvels of the Islands, land-based tour programs or “Island Hopping” have become a popular alternative in the past few years; especially for travelers that do not wish to take a sailing cruise for a variety of reasons, among them the effect of sea-sickness on board and the fact that cruises are a bit pricy in comparison to a land-tour.

When cruising the islands, you have the opportunity to visit a larger variety of sites, mostly on uninhabited Islands where untamed wildlife prevails and the fact that you have two excursions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon, then overnight at your boat. On the other hand, land-tours offer the possibility to explore the best visitor sites on populated Islands: Santa Cruz, San Cristobal and Isabela plus day-visits to nearby Islands like Bartolome, Plazas, North Seymour with overnight stay at wonderful hotels on different categories and daily speed-boat rides to the sites; land-based tours are also a great way to enjoy occasional diving day-tours.

Options for cruises and tours are quite abundant, the decision depends on your specific preferences, budget, time for tour and physical condition; Voyagers Travel can surely guide you on how to decide which option is best to enjoy a fascinating journey in the enchanted Galapagos.

Cormorant Galapagos Cruise
Red Mangrove Galapagos Hotel

Diving Cruises

Diving cruises or live-aboard are a magnificent experience for the eager diver; these cruises are fully dedicated to complete diving experience on the very best sites and locations within the Marine Reserve, including two top-diving sites in the World, Darwin & Wolf Islands. These cruises have itineraries that offer the best diving experience, but they are crafted specifically for experienced open-water divers.

However, being a diverse destination as only the Galapagos can be, if you are a PADI certified diver but do not have great experience, there  is also the possibility to hire daily-diving tours from the populated Islands to wonderful locations like Kicker Rock, Academy Bay and more!

Our top-two full-diving recommended cruises are:

Galapagos Diving Experiences

Galapagos Information

Galapagos Information

Galapagos Cruise Video

Enjoy the video of the week!

Ocean Spray Ship 

Kayak Galapagos
Snorkeling in Galapagos

Galapagos Top Activities

  • Snorkeling: Explore the Pacific Ocean surrounded by colorful reef-fish, playful sea-lions, sea-turtles, adorable endemic penguins, rays and much more! An essential part of every Galapagos vacation is snorkeling for sure.
  • Sea-Kayaking: Not a fan of submerging or not a great swimmer? No problem! First and Luxury class cruises have single and/or double kayaks on board to enjoy the sea breeze as you paddle your way in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean; still a great way to spot marine life.
  • Hiking: Most of the excursions are done by hiking on sandy beaches, volcanic terrain and well-structured trails that when you follow, you will literary be tripping with hundreds of animals like Boobies, Land-Iguanas, Lizards and more! All this while enjoying each island’s geological history and breathtaking landscapes. Truly a magnificent experience.
  • Scuba diving: Galapagos is a top-diving destination in the World! Choose between live-aboard cruises (advance diving) or daily-diving trips (intermediate) from the main islands of Santa Cruz and/or San Cristobal.
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But, Why travel with Voyagers Travel?

Thanks to our extensive experience of helping tourists explore this unique part of the world, we can advise you on everything you require to make this trip as special and memorable as it no doubt will be, if you are not sure about Galapagos Cruises, tours or any other activity in the Isles, we can give you an advice. Furthermore, through the reservation forms that are easily found through this website, you can tailor your trip to your own individual needs and requirements by selecting the yachts and ships which navigate the archipelago – making sure that everything is exactly as you dreamed it would be.

As specialists in Galapagos cruise programs, we have the knowledge and expertise required to make your trip to these enchanted and world-famous islands an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience that you’ll never be able to forget.