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The Brand New Endemic Catamaran Cruise


The Galapagos archipelago lies about 600 miles from the shores of Ecuador, a country of which they are officially a part. That means that many Galapagos adventures start and finish in this unique South American country. In fact, many people often choose to combine Amazon adventures in Ecuador and a Galapagos Islands cruise. After all, these are two unique wildlife destinations in the world.

Galapagos cruises sail the waters around the islands in the archipelago, covering large distances at night so that during the days, visitors can explore the stunning landscape and have up close and personal encounters with the truly exceptional wildlife.

With many boats cruising the waters, they can sometimes all start to resemble each other, meaning your Ecuador and the Galapagos adventure isn’t quite as unique as the natural world around you. Which is why there is a new concept catamaran cruise sailing the Galapagos from 2018, the charming M/C Endemic which brings Galapagos cruises to a next level of comfort and Island’s exploration.

The cruise details

Imagine a magical world of soaring frigate birds, lumbering tortoises, frolicking sea lions and sleek sharks. Imagine cruising through cerulean waters on a luxurious, intimate yacht with your significant other, family or friends. Picture a deluxe cabin, spacious and inviting as warm sea breezes blow in gently from the balcony. The staff is courteous and professional, the naturalist guide is knowledgeable and friendly and the chef somehow sends one masterpiece after another out of the kitchen. This is your dream. This is the Galapagos Endemic.

The M/C Endemic features three decks fully dedicated to our passengers’ comfort and safety.

The main deck features: Front observation platform and briefing area on the bow. Four private, ample and panoramic suites with balcony. Cutting edge interior spaces such as dining and living rooms with panoramic views of the islands. In the stern we have two non-slip access platforms, reception area, snack counter, expedition gear storage rooms and freshen up area.

The Upper Deck has a sun terrace with upfront view of navigation through the islands. A single cabin with balcony and Captain’s cabin, plus four airy panoramic suites with balconies. Shaded secluded spot for relaxation, wildlife observation, reading and enjoyment. Private settings will be arranged in this area for guests with special demands or passengers celebrating an important occasion.

On the Sky Deck we feature a shaded al fresco dining area, sky lounge, bar and jacuzzi. Spacious seating areas and sun chairs. BBQ station, bathroom and food elevator for warm and fresh meals. Amazing views and sunsets are part of our Sky deck.

So if you are thinking about visiting the Galapagos and looking to endulge yourself with luxurious accommodations and social areas, personalized services, exquisite food and, of course, a wonderful itinerary to enjoy the marvels that the Enchanted Galapagos paradise has to offer, the M/C ENDEMIC should be your #1 choice; Please contact us for a personalized quote with this magnificent cruise.

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