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The Newest Ships in Galapagos

By Voyagers Editorial Team

As space and accommodation on the islands themselves are limited, the best way to really experience the Galapagos Islands is by boat. To cruise the Galapagos Islands is to really become part of one of the planet’s most incredible and unique natural environments.

This constantly shifting volcanic archipelago is best seen by yacht, with travel by night cutting down on transfer time and allowing you to see more of the islands than is physically possible from a static base. The popularity of the cruise the Galapagos Islands option is such that new boats are needed for the tourist fleet.
So, it’s with great pleasure that we bring you the news of new yachts set to take to the waves in 2015. Let’s have a closer look at what these yachts are going to offer visitors.

Stella Maris Yacht

Set to be the only luxury mega-yacht in the islands’ fleet, the Stella Maris will accommodate up to sixteen people, featuring four suites on the aft below deck, as well as two suites on the front main deck. There is also a master suite with private access to the lounge.

This 38-meter long vessel has been refitted to be as ecologically friendly as possible and all work has been carried out to an extremely high standard. It’s available to charter now for the most discerning and demanding guests.

Eco-Galaxy Yacht

A comfortable new catamaran offering high-quality service, delicious food, professional crew and well-appointed cabins, as the name might suggest, this vessel prides itself on low fuel consumption and energy savings throughout. Food is all locally sourced and all products used on board are environmentally friendly. There’s a bar, library, dining room and sun deck to enjoy, plus a team of professional guides to take you on activities around the islands. Get more information about Eco Galapaxy Cruise.

Infinity Yacht

This power catamaran will offer unrivaled comfort and total respect for the environment. It’s currently in its design phase and is set to hit the water in mid to late 2015, featuring private balconies, large staterooms, expert guides and plenty more besides. Get more information about Infinity Cruise.

With new yachts like this, added to the luxurious vessels already in the Galapagos fleet, including the Legend yacht, there have never been as many top options available to cruise the Galapagos Islands. So, if you’re planning a vacation to this incredible destination then 2015 may just be a great year to do it.

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