Galapagos | Voyis Provides Subsea Tech for Galápagos Coral Expedition

Voyis Provides Subsea Tech for Galápagos Coral Expedition


Voyis, a Canadian company specializing in underwater technology, collaborated with Memorial University of Newfoundland on a scientific expedition to explore the mysterious cold-water coral ecosystem in the Galápagos Islands. Led by Chief Scientist Katleen Robert and funded by the Schmidt Ocean Institute, the expedition, which took place from September 18 to October 19, 2023, involved the participation of the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galápagos National Park.

Equipped with advanced technology, including Voyis' Insight Micro laser scanner, the team aimed to uncover the secrets of the vertical coral reefs in this renowned biodiversity hotspot. The laser scanner was employed to create a detailed 3D reconstruction of the coral habitat, capturing cliff morphology and biological layers.

Using the ROV SuBastian as a survey vehicle, the researchers meticulously mapped the vertical reefs with unparalleled precision. This mapping facilitated the study of organism distribution, biodiversity, coral growth, and the identification of individual species.

The resulting digital reconstruction serves as a valuable resource, providing accessible insights for both scientists and the general public. The knowledge gained from this expedition not only contributes to a better understanding of these less-explored ecosystems but also establishes a crucial reference point for assessing human impact and guiding future conservation efforts.

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