Galapagos |  Luxury Travel Company Is Launching Its First Expedition Yacht to the Galápagos

Luxury Travel Company Is Launching Its First Expedition Yacht to the Galápagos


For the first time, luxury travel company andBeyond dives into the world of yachting with the launch of Galapagos Explorer.

Scheduled to embark in June, this new 124-foot yacht will carry up to 12 guests on two seven-night journeys through the Galápagos Islands, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a beloved destination for wildlife enthusiasts. The initial itinerary explores the eastern islands, including Floreana, Española, and San Cristóbal, while the second focuses on the western islands of Isabella, Fernandina, and Santiago.

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Both itineraries offer ample opportunities for snorkeling, kayaking, hiking with expert guides, and wildlife viewing of iconic inhabitants such as blue-footed boobies, marine iguanas, and sea lions. Additionally, visits to the Charles Darwin Research Station, the Fausto Llerena Breeding Centre, and the Tortoise Reserve El Chato are included in both routes, providing guests with insights into giant tortoises and ecological preservation.

While the allure of these journeys lies in off-ship experiences, the onboard experience on the Galapagos Explorer is equally remarkable. Accommodations include four en-suite cabins and two double-en-suite suites, each adorned with maps of the Galápagos and illustrations of local flora and fauna.

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Onboard facilities encompass indoor and outdoor lounges, a dining room featuring Ecuadorian-inspired menus, and a sun deck with a hot tub. Notably, the rate for Galapagos Explorer journeys covers all meals and beverages (including local spirits, beers, and house wines), limited laundry services, Starlink WiFi, and snorkel gear rentals, including a short wetsuit.

The luxury yacht, with only twelve passengers and two expert guides, aims to show the wonder and mystery of this extraordinary destination.

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