South Georgia | Bird flu in South Georgia

Bird flu in South Georgia


In light of the prevailing bird flu situation in South Georgia, we aim to keep you well-informed about potential effects on your travel plans.

Certain landing sites have been temporarily shut down. However, it is crucial to underscore that Zodiac cruises are still viable, and there are alternative landing opportunities available.

Our steadfast commitment persists in optimizing the time spent at open sites. Scenic Zodiac cruises are strategically scheduled at significant locations presently closed, and we maintain flexibility in adjusting itineraries to potentially extend your stay in the Falklands or Antarctica.

Please be aware that these decisions are informed by the latest updates from local governments, IAATO, and vessels.

The Government of South Georgia routinely updates its list of closed sites, highlighting both reopened locations and new closures. Although Cooper Bay, Royal Bay, and St. Andrews Bay have remained closed throughout the entire season, predicting closures for upcoming trips remains a formidable task. Bird flu restrictions, alongside weather constraints, are inherent considerations when visiting locations like South Georgia.

Despite these challenges, our commitment remains unwavering to ensure that your travels are as unforgettable as possible.

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