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Urban Argentina


Private Tango Tour

A night tour to discover the authentic tango culture of Buenos Aires. We visit Milongasto live an immersive Tango experience.

Argentine Patagonia


Desert Lake

From the city of El Chalten you will embark on the excursion to the Lake of the Desert. The adventure begins on the arrival path. Border the Río de las Vueltas and watch how the  landscape transforms, the water becomes transparent and the forest becomes dense. Approach rivers and melt stremams. Enjoy trekking in a wild environment and reach your dream destination: the lake.
Lago del Desierto | Argentina

North Argentine


Artisan Route in Tucuman

In workshops, learn about traditional brewing processes that are passed down from generation to generation. Did you know that all creations are made by hand and with tools made by hand and with tools made by the same artisans? Enjoy the opportunity to acquire unique pieces such as ceramics, fabrics, carved stones and works that combine leather
and wood. 

Cuyo Region


Salentein Winery, Mendoza

It is one of the stars of Valle de Uco. In fact, it was one of the first wineries to settle in this area of Mendoza, which has grown so much in recent years.
Every year it produces 2 million liters of highquality wine and they offer different tours to tour their winery and have  lunch at their restaurant in Espacio Killka.
Andre Robles
Andre Robles
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