undefined | M/V Origin a unique ship in the Galapagos Islands

M/V Origin a unique ship in the Galapagos Islands


Galapagos Islands are high on the list of many people’s holiday bucket lists. These incredible islands, truly unique in terms of their natural development and wildlife, offer an incredible chance to see a different world to the one in which we normally live. Where else on earth do you get to snorkel with penguins, dance with blue-footed boobies and meet giant tortoises over a hundred years old?

Any Galapagos tours are well worth experiencing but if you are going then you might as well do it in style. The M/V Origin cruise, has been in operation since mid 2016, it is one of the first luxury boats to restart its operation since the pandemic hit the world and the entire Galapagos operation halted back in March. With some of the industries highest quality standards for hygiene and safety, the Origin and its sister yacht the M/V Theory are set to revolutionize Galapagos yacht travel in 2021. Reducing fuel consumption by around 45% and yet still cruising at 12 knots per hour, these are boats that respect the unique environment around them.

Cabins are on the small side, but very elegant. Rooms on board the Beagle Deck will give panoramic views of the ocean and archipelago around you and gourmet chefs will be cooking up a storm in the galley for your delectation. Choose to eat indoors or al fresco on deck for fine dining you’ll never forget.

Lounge in the vast staterooms or discover your own private nook for a spot of quiet time. There are even a library, computer station and TV room with satellite. And if all that luxury has got you feeling a little guilty, you can take it out in the gym and fitness center before enjoying a rub down from the onboard masseuse.

In the evening you can enjoy a cocktail mixed at the bar and lie back in one of the hammocks on deck to drink in the views. There’s even a jacuzzi if you fancy a soak. Relax with your new friends and discuss the incredible sights you’ve been treated to during the day.

Both the Origin and the Theory are amongst the finest luxury yachts that provide the ultimate Galapagos experience and just another good reason why the Galapagos is such a dream holiday destination.

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Andre Robles
Andre Robles
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