Peru | Here are ten reasons to visit Lima, Peru

Here are ten reasons to visit Lima, Peru


Lima's climate can be described as a unique one: It's subtropical desert with a warm season between December and April and a cool, humid, and overcast season between June and October. May and November are transitional months.

Lima is Peru's capital. It is proud of its diverse infrastructure and sites, which are the main tourist attractions in Peru. It is one of the largest urban areas in South America and has the second largest desert after Egypt. Apart from this, the city has a lot to offer in terms of cultural diversity, as well as a friendly atmosphere with friendly people. Lima has a unique climate. It is a subtropical desert with a warm season between December and April and a cool, humid, and overcast season between June and October. May and November are transitional months. These are just a few of the reasons why Lima Peru is worth a visit.

1. The epicenter for the finest culinary excellence 

Lima Peru is a top-rated culinary destination in Latin America as well as globally. Lima has been voted the best city for culinary excellence in the world eight years running. Ceviche is a Peruvian traditional dish that has been made famous by this city. Many hotels are highly ranked in Lima, Peru, with some making it to the top 50 most prestigious hotels worldwide. Lima is considered a culinary epicenter and well worth a visit.


Lima | Ceviche

2. It boasts a remarkable tourism infrastructure 

Lima is a huge metropolis. They still have the best facilities available for international and domestic tourists. There are many options for accommodation, bars and restaurants that can be found in accordance with your tour preferences.

3. Learn about the culture by visiting its ancient ruins 

Lima has many historical sites that can be easily accessed by tourists. One of the best places to see the history and cultural influences of Lima is the Inca Ruins. The Inca ruins can be considered one of the most beautiful and fascinating sites on Earth. Hiking the Inca trails is a great way to get the most out of the ruins.

Inca Ruins | Peru


4. Beautiful beaches are available

Peru is known for its beautiful beaches. Surfers won't want to miss this chance. To enjoy the sun, sand, and crystal clear waters of Peru, you can visit popular beaches.

Mancora beach north of Peru

5. Museums 

Lima is home to some of the best museums in the country, with many others. The Museo Larco exhibits sensual ceramics while the Museo de la Nacio displays disturbing images from violent war.

Lima museum


6. For the best nightlife

Peruvian nightlife focuses mainly on Lima (the country's largest city) and Cusco (the second most populous). Both cities are alive at night with many live-music venues, trendy bars and new nightclubs.

7. Enjoy their handcrafted goods

The handicraft is a major part of Peruvian culture, history, and art. It is mostly made of textiles such as woven scarves and carpets. Wood carving, canvas painting, jewelry, and many other artisanal crafts are also available.

8. Amazing wildlife to enjoy

Unspoiled islands off Lima's coast are a hidden treasure. They can be reached by boat from Callao. The Palomino Islands, Lima's "little Galapagos", are where you can swim with friendly sea-lions in sunny but cold seas in wetsuits.

Palomino Island

9. Enjoy the scenery 

You can take in different scenes while you are in Lima. You can enjoy beautiful coastlines and people-watching at the plaza mayor.

10. Shop for precious gems

Lima is a great place to visit if you love precious metals such as gold and silver. Visit museums to get your hands on your favorite metal.

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