Peru | Experience the Top-rated Tourist Attractions in Peru

Experience the Top-rated Tourist Attractions in Peru


Ever wondered why Peru often tops the list of must-visit places? It's the excitement of visting Machu Picchu or maybe it's standing atop Lake Titicaca that places Peru on every traveler's must-see list. Could be, you're intrigued by Colca Canyon's stunning views and mysterious Inca ruins in several parts of the country.

You see, every corner in Peru has a story nested into its landscapes—ancient stories that'll make your heart race with anticipation. It's like stepping onto pages from an epic novel; only this isn't fiction—it’s real.

The promise here is simple: by journeying through this post together, we’ll uncover hidden treasures across five breathtaking locations in Peru. So pack your bags (literally), let curiosity guide you as we embark on an adventure where history meets travel!

Inca Trail and Machu Pichu | Experience the Top- rated Tourist Attractions in Peru
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Discover Lima, the City of Kings

Unveiling the Mysteries of Machu Picchu

Lake Titicaca - The Highest Navigable Lake in the World

Exploring Colca Canyon's Depths

Discovering the Nazca Lines

The Sacred Valley - A Treasure Trove of Inca Ruins

FAQs in Relation to Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Peru



Discover Lima, the City of Kings


If you're looking for a fusion of history, culture, and gastronomy on your Peruvian adventure, look no further than Lima. This bustling metropolis is not just Peru's capital; it's also its largest city and culinary hub.

The Historic Center of Lima


A UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1988, the historic center of Lima boasts stunning colonial architecture that will transport you back in time. Don't miss the Plaza Mayor (or Plaza de Armas), which houses some iconic structures like the Government Palace and Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Apostle.

Lima | Peru
Photo: mehdi33300

Lima’s Culinary Scene


Famed as one of South America’s top food destinations, Lima's culinary scene is a must-visit for any foodie. From world-renowned restaurants such as Central to local markets brimming with fresh produce and traditional dishes – there’s something to satisfy every palate here!

Lima’s Culinary Scene

Museums Galore


Culture vultures will be spoilt for choice in this city teeming with museums that showcase everything from pre-Columbian art at Museo Larco to contemporary works at MAC-Lima. MAC-Lima

Parks & Green Spaces


If nature calls amidst all urban exploration, head over to El Malecon (Boardwalk) or Parque Kennedy where beautiful green spaces offer respite from city life while offering panoramic views over the Pacific Ocean.

Remember - whether it's tasting ceviche by seafront locales, exploring Inca ruins or just soaking in the vibrant city life - Lima truly has something for every discerning traveler.

Unveiling the Mysteries of Machu Picchu


Explore the Inca city of Machu Picchu, a breathtaking site perched above the Urubamba River, as you travel through time to uncover its secrets.

The scientifically designed terraces and sacred temples stand as silent witnesses to an empire long gone but not forgotten. As you traverse through this city in the clouds, each step feels like a walk back into time—an unforgettable journey where history meets mystery.

The Journey through the Inca Trail


Explore the four-day hike that leads to Machu Picchu, a journey considered as a highlight of many trips to Peru.

This trail isn't just about reaching Machu Picchu; it's also about immersing yourself in nature and discovering smaller yet equally fascinating sites tucked away within Peru's beautiful landscape—like Winay Wayna with its cascading agricultural terraces or Phuyupatamarca aptly named 'Cloud-level town' due to its high altitude location.

While hiking might sound challenging—and indeed there are parts that will test your endurance—the reward far outweighs any hardship endured. What better approach could there be to uncover the marvels of Machu Picchu than by tracing in the steps of its ancient Incan builders?

However, if a multi-day hike is not your cup of tea or you'd rather have more comfort during travel, there are other options. You can also reach this iconic site via train and bus—a journey that still promises stunning views along the way.

Machu Picchu

A Deeper Look into Machu Picchu's History


The story behind Machu Picchu is as captivating as its scenic beauty. Built around 1450 at the height of Inca civilization, it was mysteriously abandoned only a hundred years later during Spanish Conquest—though surprisingly left undiscovered by Spanish invaders.

The most important Inca site:

Experience the awe-inspiring beauty and rich history of Machu Picchu, an iconic Inca city perched in the clouds. Embark on a journey through time as you explore its intricate terraces and sacred temples. For adventure seekers, follow the Inca Trail—a challenging yet rewarding hike filled with fascinating sites along your path to Machu Picchu. But don't just stop there; immerse yourself fully into this captivating experience for a deeper understanding of ancient civilizations.


Lake Titicaca - The Highest Navigable Lake in the World


Sitting high and mighty at 3,820 meters above sea level is Lake Titicaca, a spectacle that takes the crown as the highest navigable lake on Earth. Its enchanting blue waters are a sight to behold, almost merging with the sky at such an altitude.

But it's not just about height; this lake brings together two nations – Peru and Bolivia – harmoniously sharing its beauty. Imagine gazing out over vast expanses of water stretching into distant horizons framed by rolling hills - that’s Lake Titicaca for you.

The Vibrant Life Around Lake Titicaca


Nestled around this massive body of water are traditional small villages teeming with life and culture. Here, time seems to have paused letting tradition flourish.

In these quaint little towns, villagers still follow age-old customs passed down from their ancestors who thrived here hundreds of years ago. Every thread woven into vibrant textiles tells tales steeped in history and folklore. It's like stepping back in time while being very much grounded in the present moment.

Lake Titicaca | Peru

A Boat Ride Like No Other


Speaking of experiences unique to Lake Titicaca: how about hopping aboard one of those hand-woven reed boats? Yes. They're crafted by local Uros people using Totora reeds abundantly found along lakeshores.

Cruising on these buoyant beauties gives new meaning to 'riding waves'. This is not your average boating experience; it feels more akin to gliding on a floating island. Sailing on the planet's most elevated navigable lake is an experience you won't find every day.

Lake Titicaca | Peru

Exploring Floating Islands


But Lake Titicaca isn't just about stunning landscapes and rich culture. There's another hidden gem here, the nature and adventure activities. These offer even more reasons to visit this extraordinary destination.

Get your breath taken away:

Marvel at the spectacle of Lake Titicaca, the world's highest navigable lake that borders Peru and Bolivia. Soak in its vast beauty, visit traditional villages thriving with rich culture, ride hand-woven reed boats crafted by local Uros people for a unique boating experience or explore nature and adventure activities on floating islands.


Exploring Colca Canyon's Depths


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to traverse the second deepest canyon in the world, Colca Canyon with a depth of 3,400 meters - twice as deep as America's Grand Canyon?

The vastness doesn't stop at its depth. The panorama of stunning views stretching across your line of sight is bound to leave you speechless. It almost seems like nature painted an elaborate canvas with shades ranging from green agricultural terraces high up on the slopes, all the way down to rocky greys at the bottom.

Now let me tell you about my favorite part: the hot springs. After a long day hiking through those rugged paths and absorbing rich history from Incan ruins or quaint villages, soaking in warm therapeutic waters is pure bliss. Trust me; there are few things more rejuvenating than immersing yourself amidst such natural beauty. You also get to visit the nearby city of Arequipa a colonial gem in the Andes.

Ancient Wonders Within Modern Communities


In between breath-taking vistas and thermal baths lie some truly unique churches and historic buildings nestled within vibrant local communities. You'll find beautiful colonial-era churches scattered throughout these villages - each one filled with charming frescoes depicting biblical scenes with Andean flair.

You might also encounter locals dressed traditionally going about their daily chores or preparing for festivals – offering us outsiders an authentic glimpse into Peruvian culture unchanged by time.And if shopping is your thing (guilty as charged.), make sure not to miss out on handcrafted goods made by talented artisans residing here since generations.

Colca | Peru

Delving Into Inca History


If you're a history buff like me, Colca Canyon is going to be your paradise. I've always been fascinated by the ancient Incas, and this place didn't disappoint.

2nd Deepest canyon in the world:

Get ready to feel your heart race as you explore the second deepest canyon in the world, Colca Canyon. From its jaw-dropping depth to soothing hot springs and ancient Incan ruins, this place offers an unforgettable blend of adventure and tranquility. Don't forget to interact with locals for a true taste of unchanged Peruvian culture.


Discovering the Nazca Lines


The Nazca Lines, etched into Peru's desert floor, are a baffling marvel. These enigmatic drawings can only be fully appreciated from above, leaving us to ponder how they were created without aerial perspective.

Despite our technological advancements, these ancient glyphs remain shrouded in mystery. Their purpose and means of creation continue to ignite intrigue among scholars and tourists alike.

Mysterious Creations on Desert Canvas


Ancient Nazca people left their mark on the arid plains between 500 BCE and 500 CE. With little more than simple tools at their disposal, they crafted intricate designs by removing reddish-brown iron oxide-coated pebbles that cover the surface of the Nazca desert. When uncovered, the white ground beneath started forming lines contrastingly visible from great heights or air.

The range of depictions is astounding, with plants like cacti or trees as well as animals including spiders, monkeys, birds taking form across an estimated area over 1,000

Nazca Lines | Peru

A Flight Above The Mysteries


Taking a flight over this vast expanse unveils its true beauty; enormous figures emerge before your eyes - too large to comprehend from ground level but awe-inspiring when viewed high up in the sky. It feels almost surreal: looking down onto giant artworks meticulously carved into the earth’s canvas thousands of years ago... what was going through those artists' minds?

Surely, they didn't know we'd be marveling at their handiwork from the sky today. That's what makes these lines so enchantingly mysterious. We can only speculate about the reasons behind their creation - religious rituals, astronomical calendars, or simple expressions of art.

Nazca Lines | Peru
Photo: SL_Photography

Decoding The Lines


The sheer size and number of these drawings have fueled many theories. Some believe that Nazca people created them to communicate with deities in the sky; others think they were used as celestial calendar systems or even landing strips for alien spaceships.

The Mystery behind the Nazca Lines:

purpose and the techniques used to create them. These enigmatic designs, with their sheer size and precision, stand as a testament to the ingenuity of ancient civilizations. Unraveling their mysteries from above offers an unforgettable journey into Peru's rich past.


The Sacred Valley - A Treasure Trove of Inca Ruins


North of Cusco, nestled in the heart of Peru, you'll find a hidden gem: The Sacred Valley. Known for its fertile plains and wealth of Inca ruins, this valley is not just sacred by name but also by nature. Its verdant landscapes are sprinkled with architectural marvels that echo an ancient civilization's brilliance.

The Pisac Ruins and Sunday Market


Begin your journey through time at the Pisac Ruins. Perched high above the colonial village of Pisac, these impressive terraces offer more than just stunning views over the valley below. They're a testament to Incan agricultural ingenuity; even today we're still awed by their complexity.

If you've timed it right (and I suggest you do), head down from the hills on a Sunday to experience Pisac's vibrant market. This isn't some tourist trap – it’s where locals come to trade goods as they have done for centuries. You can buy anything here from traditional textiles to freshly baked empanadas - talk about shopping with benefits.

Pisac Ruins | Sacred Valley | Peru
Photo: Starcevic

Moray's Circular Terracing System & Salinas Salt Mines


Straight out of an M.C Escher drawing comes Moray’s circular terracing system. Not only does this place make for great photos but it was actually one heck of an agricultural lab back in its day. Scientists believe the Incas used these concentric terraces to experiment with crops, taking advantage of the varying microclimates at different depths. You can't help but marvel at their innovation.

Next up on your itinerary should be a trip to Salinas, home to hundreds of ancient salt pans that have been harvested since Inca times. The sight is surreal – a vast patchwork quilt of shimmering pools against stark white mounds. And yes, you can take some pink Peruvian salt home - it’s perfect for those Instagram-worthy dinner parties.

The Heart of the Inca homeland:

Uncover the Sacred Valley's lush landscapes dotted with Inca ruins, like Pisac's impressive terraces. Get a taste of local life at Pisac’s vibrant Sunday market. Marvel at Moray's unique circular terracing system and explore Salinas' ancient salt pans - a surreal sight that you can even bring home in pink Peruvian salt form.


FAQs in Relation to Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Peru


What is the number 1 attraction in Peru?


Machu Picchu, a majestic Inca city perched high above the Urubamba River, holds top spot as Peru's most captivating sight.

What is most visited in Peru?


The iconic Machu Picchu remains the crown jewel of tourism in Peru, attracting hundreds of thousands each year.

What are 3 famous landmarks in Peru?


The three key landmarks include Machu Picchu for its historical allure, Lake Titicaca with its sparkling blue waters and traditional villages, and Colca Canyon due to its jaw-dropping depth.

What is one of the best places to visit in Peru called?


A must-visit gem when touring through Peru would be Sacred Valley. It offers an abundance of history with multiple Inca ruins scattered across fertile landscapes.

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Discovering the top-rated tourist attractions in Peru is like stepping into a real-life epic. We've journeyed through Machu Picchu's awe-inspiring ruins, hiked on Lake Titicaca’s serene shores, and marveled at Colca Canyon's depth.

We also delved into the mysteries of Nazca Lines and explored Inca treasures in Sacred Valley. Each stop revealing unique tales etched onto Peru's landscape.

The thrill of uncovering these Peruvian wonders? Absolutely unmatched! Here's hoping you carry this spirit as you set off on your own exploration journey.

Now you can make this a reality, contact a travel planner at Voyagers Travel and request a custom trip to Peru for your next vacation!

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