undefined | It's official: Peru raises Machu Picchu's daily visitor limit

It's official: Peru raises Machu Picchu's daily visitor limit


Regulation authorizing gradual increases in visitors to the Llaqta, Inca citadel Machu PicchuThe Ministry of Culture has made this the official status of Peru's crown jewel of tourist destinations.

Ministerial Resolution No. This was established by Ministerial Resolution No. 000263-2021/DM/MC. It was published in El Peruano's official gazette.

This document states that the Ministerial Resolution No. 173-2020MC according to the Complementary Assessment Report regarding the Increase in the Visitors Limit to the Llaqta de Machu Picchu

Resolution No. As is known, Resolution No. 173-2020 MC was promulgated in July of last year. It established that the maximum daily capacity would be 2,244 visitors.

In addition, Ministerial Resolution No. 000263-2021 DM/MC states, in addition, that the Ministry of Culture was entrusted to prepare a technical report to evaluate the rise in visitors to the Inca citadel.

This is why the Decentralized Cultural Directorate (DDC), Cusco, prepared the "Assessment Report about the Increased Visitor Limit at the Llaqta Machu Picchu" as well as the "Complementary Assessment Report regarding the Increased Visitor Limit at the Llaqta Machu Picchu."

Both reports suggest that Peru could gradually increase the number of tourists visiting its main tourist destination.

The documents condition this measure on the implementation the following alternative access routes: Machu Picchu Mountain, Wayna Picchu Mountain, Huchuy Picchu Mountain and the Inca Trail No. 4.

Andre Robles
Andre Robles
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